“The Tiny House Movement is growing exponentially”, according to Bob Johnson, General Manager at Tiny House Builders. “The movement has continued to gain momentum, and has received national notoriety in major publications like the Wall Street Journal, as well as feature articles on local and national TV coast to coast”.

“These small houses are all about independence, minimalist living, and downsizing”, Johnson goes on to say. “While bigger may be better for some, smaller houses with their miniscule operating costs, and flexibility as to where they can be located far outweigh the pure size issues for many Tiny House dwellers.”

Tiny House Designs, Company Publishes Special Report Tom Martin, Marketing Director at Tiny House Builders collected excerpts from several interviews from Tiny House owners in which they explain their views on the Tiny House Movement:

Tim Pitts, a realtor working with Tiny House clients says that “...While not a new phenomenon; it’s not surprising that these efficient homes are starting to really catch on. As people look to decrease their footprint, their expenses, and live smarter, the size of one’s home is one obvious place to make an improvement.”

In an article for The Oregonian in October 2011, Kelly House provided insight into “Tiny Living” from the personal perspective of Michelle Jones; since she moved out of her parents' sprawling Texas home, Jones has downsized from a 2,100-square-foot residence to a studio apartment to a small house in Tacoma, Washington.

Jones, 35, has lived in a custom-built, 8-by-14 foot "tiny house" with her boyfriend, a cat and a 45-pound husky for more than a year. She says she'll never return to a multi-room existence. "I wanted to spend 100 percent of my time doing what I'm passionate about," says Jones, a teacher who regularly devotes nights and weekends to her work. In the tiny house, "you're no longer spending time doing maintenance. You're also not spending a lot of emotional energy on stuff."

Johnson says these comments are typical of the thousands of people considering Tiny House living. "Our company is born of a general philosophy that “less is more”; that we should do everything possible to reduce our consumption of natural resources, and to generally limit our imposition on mother earth, all the while gaining a real sense of self-reliance." Johnson goes on to say that he is proud to be part of a company that brings the movement to many more people by offering the benefits of prefabricated kits at such an affordable price point.

“To help people interested in learning more about tiny house builders, tiny house kits and tiny house plans, and tiny house designs we decided to publish a special report titled “5 Steps to Tiny House Success.” To learn more, consumers are encourage to download their free copy directly from the company website at http://BestTinyHouse.com

Source: Tiny House Builders


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