TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-The revolutionary building product TimberSIL® has been named the newest member of the internationally elite and coveted Regenerative Network (RN), signaling a green partnership that promises to forever change the future of building with wood.

TimberSIL® is widely recognized for pioneering an innovative and environmentally superior line of wood products. Being selected into RN is a prestigious and noteworthy achievement in the green community since only one company is invited from each building product or service category.

“Our network looks for industry innovation leaders. TimberSIL® is a perfect fit,” said David Gottfried, founder and CEO of RN. “Their wood behaves and protects like no other wood ever has, and their corporate approach is all about innovation and green building. TimberSIL® is revolutionizing how people build and is re-establishing wood as a reliable preferred solution.”

RN’s focus on sustainability coincides with the hallmark features of TimberSIL®: fire retardant, toxin-free, water-resistant, stronger, harder, and longer life cycle.

“We’re thrilled to be a partner with Regenerative Network because its focus is aligned with ours – to offer top quality, nontoxic, and affordable alternatives for the building industry,” said Karen Slimak, CEO of TimberSIL®. “Both organizations believe in creating a safer, smarter, and greener world. TimberSIL®’s technology is available to everyone and serves the growing, green-building movement.”

RN members are an exclusive group of innovative, visionary companies of all sizes, which provide superior green products and services, Gottfried explained. Since membership is limited to one company per industry sector, the network is completely collaborative and accelerates green business development.

“We look for companies whose products can improve the quality of buildings in quantum leaps,” said Gottfried, who is well known as the founder of the U.S. Green Building Council and World Green Building Council. “All of our members provide a diverse range of products, services, and processes that deliver superior performance at lower costs, reduce or eliminate negative ecological impact, and improve the responsible use of natural resources.”

Slimak embraced the historic designation by RN as a reflection of a global trend toward green building that is better for consumers and the environment.

“TimberSIL®’s goal is to expand the way people think about using wood. We care about the safety and success of people who use our wide range of products,” said Slimak. “Transforming wood into a flawless building material is a critical piece in the puzzle of improving the entire approach to construction.”


All 37 RN members gain a strong connection to leading architects, engineers, contractors, as well as real estate owners and managers who make green-building decisions. The network is often first to learn about exciting and prestigious new projects long before the market at large. Actionable market intelligence, unheard-of access to decision makers and influencers of marquee sustainability projects, and exclusive networking are the result.


“TimberSIL® is a revolutionary product that fundamentally changes the opportunities available in constructing human habitat,” commented Dan Slone, Partner, McGuireWoods LLP, who frequently lends his expertise to RN and is a leader in environmental innovation. “Customers can build docks and walkways in waterways without harming fish; they can sequester carbon in wood decks and siding but not lose it to fire or rot. It is changing the products and building practices that use wood around the world. It is exciting to have TimberSIL® as one of the tools in the Regenerative Network’s toolbox.”

TimberSIL®’s breakthrough process combines wood and glass to transform real wood with all its benefits into extraordinary wood without any drawbacks, Slimak said. Its advantages include: Class-A fire retardant, toxin-free, environmentally friendly, decay and insect resistant, stronger, harder, durable, and dimensionally stable. In communities which frequently experience natural disasters, TimberSIL®’s benefits have particular value.

RN has headquarters in San Francisco. TimberSIL®’s offices and production facility are in Greenville, SC. For more information about either organization, visit www.regen-net.com or www.timbersilwood.com.

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