VANCOUVER, WA - TigerStop has added a new and innovative software solution to its SawGear product line, Crown+MiterPro. Crown+MiterPro dramatically simplifies cutting complex compound miters. It makes installing crown molding a snap, even for the novice.

SawGear is a precise and rugged automated length measuring system which is easy to use, sets up in minutes, and makes accurate cuts every time. Simply attach the SawGear to any chop saw or radial arm saw, enter the required dimensions, slap the material against the stop and cut the part. SawGear eliminates the miss-cuts and inaccuracies on the jobsite that all add up to lost time, material waste and poor quality.

The Crown+MiterPro software will be included in every new SawGear, making it a simple process to cut and install all types of trim, such as crown, base, shoe, casings, along with rafters and any other angle cutting. Whether contractors want to miter inside corners or do cope and run, Crown+MiterPro lets them do it their way. Crown+MiterPro lets the professional work the way he always has, just taking the confusion and inaccuracy out of the job.

The software calculates difficult crown angles and lengths instantly; providing both the right angle and side to set a miter saw, along with the correct length for the part, ensuring the perfect part is cut the first time and every time, even rising and falling vault cuts are a snap.

Crown+MiterPro reduces the loss of costly materials when inaccurate cuts are made. Some sophisticated crown materials can cost up to $75 per foot and one miss-cut can cost hundreds of dollars. There goes the profit on the job and the customer’s patience while you order another piece and wait for delivery. Trained installers and finished carpenters who can quickly install complex crown are becoming few and far between. With the revival in the housing market and the popular demand for complex trim work, the shortage of capable craftsmen is becoming more apparent.

Cutting crown and complex angles can be challenging with no room for error. By utilizing SawGear with Crown+MiterPro, the quality of work is dramatically enhanced and the amount of time it takes to complete a job is drastically reduced, making this an invaluable tool for any job site. The combination of SawGear and Crown+MiterPro lets the craftsman focus on his craft. No more frustrating repetitive indexing with the tape measure, no more trying to remember which side and at what angle to swing his saw then trying to mark a thin floppy piece. All of that cut it, try it and cut again is eliminated. Measure once - cut once and “peg her where she lays”! That’s it. Done right the first time.

“SawGear is a disruptive technology for the construction industry,” said Spencer Dick, founder and president, TigerStop LLC. “Users are cutting framing labor by as much as 30 percent and crown installation time by at up to 70 percent while improving overall quality. Construction times are being compressed while the contractor is making no compromises on the final product. When SawGear is used for framing, each subsequent trade finds that the ease of installing everything from drywall to HVAC systems goes quicker. Openings are dead on, square and level; so that doors and windows go in as fast as you can screw them in; tedious leveling and shimming is virtually eliminated.

Dick continued, “SawGear has won numerous national awards for its innovation and productivity benefits. Now, with the addition of Crown+MiterPro, we’ve taken the pain and error out of cutting crown, base, siding, trim, and casing, along with any angled framing members from complex trusses to roof rafters. SawGear makes them all simple, and it adds up to savings of thousands of dollars in wasted material and time. We are excited by the impact the SawGear will have on the construction industry and the increased affordability that will follow in housing costs.”

TigerStop will be demonstrating SawGear’s Crown+MiterPro at AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, July 24-27, booth 9020.

About TigerStop TigerStop, LLC is the global leader in automated stop/gauge and pusher systems. TigerStop, headquartered in Washington State, is a U.S. manufacturer of products for the furniture, cabinet, electronics, plastics and metalworking industries. TigerStop’s equipment easily integrates with any tool requiring accurate lineal positioning of materials, turning a standard manual shop into an automatic lean production machine. To view SawGear videos and testimonials or request a quote, please visit To learn more about TigerStop’s products and services, and how they can maximize production capabilities, contact them at 360.254.0661, or visit TigerStop's website at

Source: TigerStop LLC

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