VANCOUVER, WA - TigerStop is a linear positioning device that attaches to existing equipment to automate the positioning of material to be processed in the wood, metal and plastic industries.

Recent testing showed using a manual stop in cutting a small kitchen cabinet job takes one hour and 41 minutes. When a TigerStop was used, the same job took one hour and eight minutes. When a TigerStop with advanced software was used, the job took 24 minutes.

TigerStop’s advanced software includes TigerOptimizer, TigerLink and Labeling capabilities. TigerOptimizer is a best-fit defect optimizer used to calculate which cuts should be made on clear stock for the best material yield. TigerLink makes downloading cut lists from a computer program possible for simple processing, faster production and the minimization of errors! The labeling feature enables you to spend less time sorting and counting parts.

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