LEUTIRCH, GERMANY – In addition to the HPL composite board “Hanffaser Composite”, Thermopal is now also offering the lower-priced “Decor-Hanffaser” decorative hemp fiber board as a direct-coated melamine resin board. “This means that customers will now also find a high quality, user-orientated selection among our sustainable hemp fibre products,” said product manager Christina Müller-Witzemann.

The use of hemp fibre shives that occur during the processing of a hemp plant make the core material much lighter than standard boards. This makes it the perfect addition to the wood material specialist’s program of lightweight boards.

Hemp: An ecological, light raw material

Hemp is one of the oldest crops in the world, and also one of the most rapidly regrowing raw materials. It matures in just 100 days, and every kg of hemp absorbs up to 4 kg CO2 from the air. If hemp, like wood, is used in the production of long-lasting materials, it is the perfect combination of the benefits of the use of sustainable raw materials. The annual plant supports environmentally-friendly landscape maintenance, secures supplies of regrowing raw materials, and binds the carbon dioxide that is harmful to the climate. For as long as they are used, hemp fibre boards make a lasting contribution to reducing CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. Above all, though, interior design benefits from this innovation because wherever the use of ultra light materials with the best characteristics is important, “Decor-Hanffaser” by Thermopal is a genuine alternative to other lightweight boards. One cubic metre of hemp fibre board weighs only approximately 480 kg, which means it is much lighter than traditional chipboard.

Thermopal lightweight boards made of hemp shives are tool-friendly, can safely be screwed anywhere on the surface, and are as easy to process as chipboard. And the same fittings can be used as on traditional wood materials. This sustainable lightweight board is available in over 300 decors and various textures in the extremely favourable formats 2600 x 2020 mm and 3200 x 2050 mm, and in the thicknesses 19 mm and 20.6 mm.

Source: Thermopal

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