Planning to remodel the kitchen is no easy task. As a premier retailer of kitchen cabinets in NJ, The Solid Wood Cabinet Company is pleased to announce that they will now be offering in-home consultation and design programs for their customers. Offering high-quality wood with some of the best prices in New Jersey, The Solid Wood Cabinet Company is making it easier than ever to select a new set of cabinets. The professional designers will show up to the front door at the customer’s convenience to conduct all the legwork that goes with measuring and designing the kitchen. They will clearly communicate the process with the client to make them feel as comfortable as possible when making their decision.

The client will be provided with samples of the seven different stylish wood products at their disposal while the designer works meticulously to measure the kitchen and the record the proper dimensions. They’ll look at the wall-to-wall measurement, the ceiling height, the width of the windows and entryways, and record the exact location of the sink, water pipes, gas lines, and other items that can’t be moved or replaced with new cabinets.

Offering the guaranteed lowest prices for cabinets in New Jersey, the client can then visit a showroom in any one of the 10 locations, including three in New Jersey. This will provide a first-hand look at some of the highest quality wood cabinets and the most beautiful granite countertops that will transform any kitchen into the finest area of the house at a low price. All cabinets come certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, which ensures the cabinets will withstand the test of time and the solid wood won’t start chipping. There is the option to purchase the cabinets assembled by the expert professionals at The Solid Wood Cabinet Company or ready-to-assemble for the customer to assemble them upon delivery.

With some of the finest wood in New Jersey, there is bound to be a kitchen cabinet set to anyone’s liking. For more information on in-home consultation or how to visit a showroom to pick out a newly-styled kitchen, please call 855-644-9663 or visit the website today.

About the Company:
The Solid Wood Cabinet Company is a fully stocked warehouse headquartered in Levittown, PA where they provide only the highly quality of woods. Out of their 160,000-square-foot warehouse, they have readily available cabinets in stock for homeowners to choose from. Not only in Pennsylvania, The Solid Wood Cabinet Company has showrooms in New Jersey and is expanding into others areas as well. They value their relationship with a client that is why quality, price, and speed are the three main elements that make this business successful.

Source: The Solid Wood Company

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