Leitz has put together a Power Performance Package to help window and door producers optimise their processes which will help them get more out of their machines and tools and lead to better competitiveness.

LeitzOberkochen / Hannover – The package contains innovative tool technologies which bring together processing quality, raw material and energy efficiency as well as operational dynamics. These high performance tools not only make production processes more ecologically friendly and cost-effective but at the same time guarantee maximum processing quality. With Leitz patented RipTec pre-cutting, the reject rate is reduced to almost zero - even for difficult timbers. The Leitz Hybrid Technology combines two tooling systems which reduces costs in machining glue joints and abrasive coatings. With Leitz High Speed Cutting Tools, the full technical and economic performance potential of machines can be utilised, and small electronic chips enable Leitz’s tooling to become intelligent process components with the option of 360° communication.

Another important component is Leitz Engineering where Leitz provide customised, efficient solutions for the production of most modern window and door systems. After determining requirements, Leitz designs the optimal process in coordination with machine and software producers.

The eight parts of the Leitz Power Package: Leitz RipTec, Leitz Integral Technology, High Speed Cutting, Innovative Tooling Systems, High Performance Coating, Leitz Hybrid Technology, Leitz Chip Technology, Leitz Engineering.

Source: Leitz Group

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