Teragren’s Xcora Strand bamboo veneer in Wheat, Chestnut and Brindle.
Teragren’s Xcora Strand bamboo veneer in Wheat, Chestnut and Brindle.

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA – Teragren, a manufacturer of bamboo flooring, panels, veneer and worktops, today introduced its new 0.6mm Xcora Strand bamboo veneer.

This new product matches Teragren’s existing Xcora Strand bamboo flooring and panels and is well suited for custom cabinetry, furniture construction, interior paneling, countertops and table tops, and many more interior applications where hardwood might traditionally be considered.

“Our new veneer machines nicely and finishes cleanly,” said Teragren President Mike Boshart. “While we have offered a 0.6mm product in our PureForm Traditional bamboo line for many years, the unique manufacturing process for our Xcora strand products posed some challenges in achieving such a thin and flexible sheet consistently and with high quality performance – but we’ve got it now. To the best of our knowledge our new veneer is the only 0.6mm strand bamboo product currently available in the North American market.”

Teragren said its Xcora products are 160% harder than oak, 1.5 times more stable than maple and are made from Optimum 5.5 Moso Bamboo, harvested at maturity for peak density, creating a harder and more stable product for lasting beauty and performance.

These furniture grade veneers come unfinished with a 28 gram fiber backing. Standard AWI woodworking guidelines apply.


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