KINGSTON, MA - Colonial Saw is proud to announce the arrival of the new Tenso P-14 connector from Lamello that allows users to quickly and easily create completely invisible connections.  Made from rugged fiberglass reinforced plastic, Tenso P-14 pulls from the center of the joint so it ensures that the clamping force is at the correct angle and there is no raking.  The connector eliminates the need to clamp, which is faster, uses less space, and prevents marring.  Work pieces connected with Tenso P-14 are easily stackable and can be moved immediately——no wait time for glue drying process.   Tenso P-14 is an international Interzum Award winner for intelligent material and design. 

Installation of Tenso P-14 is simple—a T-shaped groove is made in the work piece by almost any CNC machine with a mounted groove cutter or the new hand-held Lamello Zeta P 2 Biscuit Joiner with oscillating (up and down) cutter action. Tenso P-14 is then inserted by hand into the T groove, locking perfectly into the work piece for a strong and tight installation.  Glue is applied to the joint and then Tenso P-14 snaps together creating a perfectly invisible connection. There is no risk of torsional movement due to its patented ridge system, which connects and aligns with only one fitting.  The Tenso P-14 is for glued connections in a wide variety of applications, including:



  • Attaching face frames, toe kicks, solid wood edging and drop fronts


  • Drawers sides and fronts, ship flat pack


  • Column coverings and door frames


  • Any work pieces with pre-finished surfaces


  • Closet components and open shelving


  • Furniture which is shipped assembled i.e. sideboards, kitchen and bathroom cabinets


  • Joining of any work pieces that are being glued




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