LAC MAGNETIC, QC - Tafisa Canada, owner and operator of North America’s largest particleboard and decorative panel manufacturing facility, has been awarded for environmental achievements by a panel of experts and the public.

Phenix Award
Tafisa is the laureate of the prestigious Phenix Award for excellence in environmental protection and sustainability – Business Category, Environmental Achievement, Technology, Process or Practice – awarded by the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks, the Quebec Ministry of Finance and Economy, Eco Entreprises Quebec and the Quebec Environment Foundation.

Tafisa was chosen, by a panel of experts, from a list of 35 companies for the success of its landmark wood recycling technology, called Rewood. Following a $5.4 million upgrade, Tafisa was able to increase the post-consumer recycled wood fibre content in its panel production, enabling the company to recycle 244,000 tons of diverted wood each year – the equivalent of about 2 million trees.

The Phenix Award laureates – which also included municipal, non-profit and educational/youth categories – were announced on September 25, during a ceremony in the Red Room of the National Assembly in Quebec City.

Phenix People’s Choice Award
Tafisa was chosen by the public for the Phenix People’s Choice award. Last spring 3 500 people voted on line for their favorite project. Rewood by Tafisa was the project that received the most votes and awarded the prize.

''On behalf of Tafisa, I would like to take this op portunity to thank the environmental community and the public for their support," said Louis Brassard, Tafisa Chief Executive Officer, upon receiving the awards. Brassard, explained that Tafisa is one of the few plants in North America that are re-using wood to this extent. “We’re very proud of our compa ny’s achievements to renew urban wood waste that would otherwise go to a landfill, eventually r eleasing harmful carbon emissions back into the air.”

Learn more about Tafisa's Rewood project.

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