The SAND-FLEE® is a unique, patented, bench top, woodworking machine that makes sanding easy. It will save you time, improve the finished look of your projects, whether small, large, delicate or cumbersome. Why hand-sand or suffer through the constant vibration of hand held sanders when you can just slide material across a table and have it sanded at the same time?

• Both the SF-0930 and SF-1830 are covered by a 1/4" casted & milled (Jig-Plate) aluminum top, which is buffed, polished, providing you the greatest amount of smooth-flat precision sanding.

• The unique patented design gives you direct control of the feed rate as you move the piece over the spinning drum, with NO restrictions in height.

• You can attach multiple grits side by side without having to change the set up. It can't be any simpler or faster.

• The Velcro system of attaching abrasive material is quick and convenient. No tools and no messy adhesives to deal with.

• The patented design allows you to sand at a lower temperature, significantly extending the useful life of the abrasive. You will not burn your work piece.

• The power takeoff shaft extended from the side of the cabinet, allows you to use the optional keyless chuck to attach 100’s of accessories.

• SAND-FLEE® Drum Sanders are available in 9” and 18”. Both feature internal dust collection, with a 2-1/2” dust port.

• Both the SF-0930 and SF-1830 come with a 24” extruded aluminum T-Track fence, turning your SAND-FLEE® into an edge sander or sander/jointer.


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