ATLANTA – If homeowners had their way, a majority would change absolutely everything about their current kitchen cabinets and opt for solid wood cabinet doors with a Modern style, according to a new survey by Scripps Networks (HGTV) of 19,000 U.S. residents.

Survey Finds Homeowners Would Change Their Kitchen CabinetsThe Under One Roof survey included three specific questions on behalf of Timber Products Company, a leading manufacturer of hardwood plywood panels that are used to produce kitchen cabinets, and found that homeowners are craving changes in their kitchen spaces.

When asked what they would change with their cabinets, 29 percent said they disliked everything about their current kitchen units and would go for a total overhaul of the color, material, style, and size. Among female respondents, the urge to scrap their cabinets was even higher at 32 percent. On the flip side, 22 percent said they love their current cabinets and would not change a thing about them. Broken down by gender, just 20 percent of female homeowners said they would not make any alterations.

Thirteen percent would choose only a new style, while 11 percent would change colors and sizes.

“The survey results show that a good number of homeowners are tired of their kitchen cabinets,” said Roger Rutan, Marketing Director at Timber Products Company. “Most respondents probably inherited cabinets when they bought their houses and are looking for something new and different. This is good news for the woodworking and cabinet industries as more homeowners could become customers.”

Other survey findings include:

• When it comes to style, the Under One Roof survey discovered that given a choice between solid wood cabinet doors or ones with glass inserts, 60 percent of homeowners gravitated toward solid wood. Twelve percent would select doors with glass inserts, and 25 percent indicated that they would use a combination of both choices.

• Modern kitchen cabinets were the top selection (25%) for a new style, followed by Contemporary (22%), Craftsman (18%) and Farmhouse (13%). Rustic, Shabby Chic and Eclectic all came in at under 10%.

“Kitchens are the heart and soul of most homes so it’s encouraging that homeowners are ready for big changes in cabinetry,” said Rutan. “With remodeling activity on the uptick in the U.S., we hope many homeowners will be getting their dream kitchens soon.”

About Timber Products Company

Founded in 1918, Timber Products Company manufactures a wide range of environmentally certified hardwood plywood and decorative panels that are used by kitchen cabinet, store fixture, decorative millwork and furniture producers. Timber Products owns its own forestlands--116,000 acres in Northern California managed under the strict standards of the SFI program. The company also manufactures softwood plywood, particleboard, hardwood veneer, and hardwood lumber. Timber Products operates a total of eight facilities across the United States, with five certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) and all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The Timber Products International Division is the import/export arm of the company. The company also operates TP Trucking, a nationwide transportation division. Find out more about Timber Products on its blog, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Source: Timber Products Company

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