A great chance to show the reality of the Scm Group to the world's specialised operators: over 4,000 of them, from 57 different countries. The hunger for technology, but also an interest in meeting, talking, understanding and looking towards the future…

“The Home Event” closed its doors on the 2014 edition after six intense days when operators, both loyal and new customers, agents and retailers took to the road on the tours organised to show off the many skills of the Rimini Group in the best possible way.

4,000 guests from 57 countries thronged the “Scm Group Home” - a torrent of people getting first-hand experience of more than 80 technological solutions on display in the Rimini showroom and at the Thiene premises and visiting the group's production plants. Over 80,000 square metres of ideas, machines, solutions and technologies organised in four themed tours: the “Furniture Tech Tour” for those who've made furniture their business; plus the “Doors & Windows” Tech Tour”, “Timber Housing Tech Tour” and “Craftsman Tech Tour”.

“The success exceeded even our most optimistic forecasts”, said Andrea Aureli, Group CEO. “We were expecting 2,000 guests, but more than double that number turned up! A real source of satisfaction for all of us: we wanted to show what we are, the results of the long, intense reorganisation of our work, our will to look to the future with renewed optimism. And that's what we did. Rimini, Villa Verucchio and Thiene were the milestones of a long journey within Scm Group. We showed just how much technology - and what type - we can supply in all the woodworking sectors. And we did it ourselves, here in our home, all together. I feel that this reveals a strong message about our will to carry on our top class work throughout the world”.

A highly successful season for Scm Group, beginning with the Holz-Handwerk trade fair in Nuremberg, then continuing with the Interzum Guanzhou Salon in China and the Open House in Nottingham, finally concluding with the Rimini Home Event where the significant presence of countries like China and Germany confirmed the interest of those markets.

And not forgetting the fruitful liaison with the Milan Furniture Exhibition, linked with the event thanks to involvement of Scm Group in the stands of many prestigious customers like Riva 1920 - the designer of the Pace horse that became the icon of The Home Event, but also a partner in the competition “Barrique, the Third Life of Wood” organised by the San Patrignano Community. A competition for ideas about how to re-use the wooden slats of the typical 225-litre barrels used to age the prestigious wine produced by the community. On 11 April, in “SPAZIO SANPA” in Montenapoleone area, 22-year old designer Luca Porta received the “Scm Technology for Design” award sponsored by the Rimini group, thanks to his “BRQ_T” table.

Source: Scm Group

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