NEW YORK -- Stuart Dean, North America's preferred provider of architectural restoration services, will demonstrate its broad array of facade restoration and commercial-grade grout installation solutions to attendees of the National Facility Management Technology (NFMT) Expo ( March 13-15 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD). NFMT is the largest gathering of building owners, facility managers, maintenance engineers, sustainability directors and other facilities management professionals across the country. The expo provides an interactive educational and networking experience that offers ideas to inspire those in the facility management industry.

"At Stuart Dean, we have a proud history of restoring, polishing and maintaining some of the continent's most prominent commercial addresses. We are also pleased to mark our tenth anniversary as an exhibitor at NFMT, a key industry show," said Mark Parrish, president and CEO of Stuart Dean. "Our time-tested approaches and innovative solutions help to extend the life, increase the value and enhance the beauty of interior and exterior architectural surfaces for buildings, institutions, retail stores and restaurants of all kinds. We believe the industry will continue to take notice of what we have to offer – from the facade outside to the floor inside."

Stuart Dean's Specialty Services Division focuses on the restoration of architectural metal of curtain walls and building facades. Because both function as the long-term weather barrier for the building, they can become dull and weathered by harmful elements. Stuart Dean employs experts in the application of field-applied fluoropolymers and other high-performance coatings to restore the facade and the curtain wall. The company also remains on the forefront of developing and applying the newest technologies and methodologies to protect metal architectural surfaces.

Inside the building, the company's exclusive Marcoat® Epoxy Grout Floor System is an innovative solution for grout degradation, one of the most common and costly back-of-the-house problems for the restaurant industry. Marcoat is a nonporous epoxy replacement for conventional grout and eliminates corrosion for the long term by standing up to the rigors of daily wear and tear in commercial kitchens. The material features industry-leading return on investment, with a total cost of ownership four times less than conventional grout.

The company also specializes in stone cleaning and sealing, wood refinishing and glass restoration, thereby providing the total solution for facility managers.

About Stuart Dean

Stuart Dean is the country's preeminent architectural restoration company, specializing in metal polishing, stone cleaning and sealing, wood refinishing, glass restoration, and commercial-grade grout installation. Thousands of clients entrust Stuart Dean to protect, maintain and restore their buildings, retail stores, institutions and restaurants every day. Stuart Dean offers a portfolio of services to enhance the beauty and retain the value of a wide array of architectural assets. The company has been in business for nearly 80 years, with 22 offices in the U.S. and Canada and over 450 employees. Major markets served include New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, D.C./Virginia, Phoenix, Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Tustin, San Diego, Toronto, and Vancouver. For more information, visit

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