NEW YORK - The Interior Redecorators Network® (IRN), the international organization of one-day decorators, with members in more than 100 cities, will be offering homeowners and renters a shortcut to preventing expensive interior design mistakes with its 'Stop, Look and Listen' campaign, beginning in June 2014.

Members of the IRN organization specialize in quick, budget-oriented solutions that utilize existing home furnishings. The 'Stop, Look and Listen' formula will alert people to "Stop" and reconsider, before discarding or purchasing furniture pieces, in order to avoid costly mistakes; to "Look" and carefully evaluate how furnishings might be effectively and attractively repurposed; and to "Listen" to expert advice from IRN certified interior redecorators instead of relying on guesswork.

One of the biggest complaints from novice home decorators is how expensive and aggravating interior decor mistakes can be. Unlike purchasing the wrong piece of clothing that can be hidden away in a closet, ill-considered big-ticket furniture items are visible, and constant reminders of wasted money. "Our most loyal clients are those who made a costly mistake prior to hiring us and then, after working with us, realized how much value and peace-of-mind we provide. Once prospective clients call us in to help and they see the results, many remain faithful clients for decades," said Lauri Ward, IRN founder.

Unlike conventional, sales-oriented interior designers who encourage expensive purchases in order to garner high commissions, IRN redecorators are service-oriented and charge low, flat, by-the-room rates. The redecorators seamlessly transform living rooms in just two hours and entire houses in a day.

The Interior Redecorators Network is a 501C not-for-profit trade organization of certified interior redecorators located across North America and in Australia, Europe and South America. The organization's founder, Lauri Ward, recognized for pioneering the one day room makeover niche, has become known through her frequent television appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," ABC Evening News," The Today Show," various HGTV shows as well as many other national programs and publications. Her trademark, and that of the members of the IRN organization, is to demonstrate how homeowners can make their spaces beautiful without discarding their existing furniture and accessories.

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Source: Interior Redecorators Network


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