GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Stiles Machinery is pleased to be exhibiting at the 2013 Ligna exhibition in Hannover, Germany. At the 2013 Ligna fair, product experts from Stiles will be available to provide hospitality and guide guests to demonstrations of the latest innovations in manufacturing technology presented by the company’s vast array of suppliers who will be exhibiting at the fair. Highlights will include:

◦Altendorf will be introducing a new F45 Elmo D which features 90 degree tilting capabilities. They are located in Hall 11, booth D26.

◦Brandt is launching an exciting new technology called airTec, which provides a zero glue line result using the same edgebanding material used with laserTec machines. The glue layer is re-activated with compressed hot air, and provides a very economical production solution for zero glue line results. This technology will be offered on three different Brandt machines, including the Ambition 1670 FSCG. Brandt is located in Hall 11, booth D31.

◦Bürkle will present their innovations in technology for surface finishing with the slogan, “Bürkle makes it easy.” Their focus is the conservation of resources. Bürkle is located in Hall 17, booth F13.

Their display will include PUR foil lamination line which provides optimal temperature control for consistent quality. To laminate on MDF boards, chipboards and lightweight panels, the line will incorporate an integrated lay-up station, and the newly developed electrically heated application and rollers that ensure ideal temperature onto the roller surface for the glue application.

At Ligna, Bürkle will be setting trends with the next generation of UV LED based curing technology, their “”, which has been developed for transparent and pigmented lacquers. A good example of efficiency, in regard to energy consumption, is this LED curing. Light emitting diodes are very attractive in price and efficiency compared to incandescent bulbs. LED lamps convert almost 100% of their energy into light without generating heat. Operating costs clearly show that curing through LED reduces the energy costs by more than half.

◦Hecht is pleased to introduce the world’s first 3D HawkEye scanner, which takes profile measuring to a new dimension. The 3D HawkEye scanner can be utilized for the identification of parts by means of the size, the profile, and the contours. Particularly useful for parts that don’t have bar codes or other identification labels after they have been varnished. Hecht is located in Hall 26, booth E38.

◦Homag’s overall focus is on energy and resource efficiency at the 2013 Ligna exhibition. Their ecoPlus initiative demonstrates their commitment to the importance of sustainability and efficient production processes.

At their stand in hall 26 the main focus will be their core competence, the delivery of complete machine lines and cells from a single source for the serial and batch size 1 manufacturing. Also they will cover the topics of “automation & handling and “lightweight construction”. They will demonstrate the advantages for customers when they invest in complete solutions of the HOMAG Group. From software to packaging they offer solutions for each requirement.

One machine they are highlighting is the Homag Ambition 2270 edgebander, which is a specialist in the splinter-free processing of veneer edges. Using a four-motor profile trimming unit, there is no longer any manual intervention required when processing different workpiece thicknesses or feed rates.

In hall 11 visitors will find intelligent solutions for the traditional cabinet shops. Besides their wide product range of single machines they also show smart workshop concepts and how to succeed in creating a craftsman shop more efficiently with low investment.

◦Makor will be introducing a new automatic spray and dry system, the Start One, which incorporates a very basic spray machine with a trolley loader in a wide belt format. This is ideal for the small production shop or entry level market. Pallets are unloaded from the trolley, through-feed and reverse feed through spray machine for application and are then reloaded into trolleys for air drying. Makor is located in Hall 17, booth H11.

◦At the 2013 fair, System TM will highlight an optimizing cross-cut line that includes a Microtec Golden Eye scanner, the Opti-Kap 5003 version 2 and an infeed system for vertical finger-jointing. System TM is located in Hall 12, booth F67.

◦Weeke will launch the next generation of compact vertical CNC technology with minimal space requirements. The BHX 200 is equipped with two individually moveable high-speed drilling gears. All in all, 34 individually controlled spindles (20 vertical and 14 horizontal) are provided. So, for example, rows of holes can be processed considerably faster. As standard, the BHX 200 is equipped with two CNC-controlled clamping devices to position and fix the workpieces during operation. As an option, this machine can even provide doweling capability.

Source: Stiles Machinery Inc.


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