GRAND RAPIDS, MI - As production demands in manufacturing companies increase, the need to keep machines running smoothly and efficiently increases as well. Stiles Machinery is training and equipping their Field Service Representatives (FSR’s) to effectively meet the unique technological and operational needs of their customers to ensure their success.

Stiles Education Trains Field Service Reps in “FSR Academy"Each FSR that Stiles hires is required to progress through a comprehensive training program called the Stiles Education FSR Academy. The Academy provides FSRs with the knowledge, hands-on experience and the accreditation needed to provide exemplary service. In total, the FSR Academy has three phases: FSR Boot Camp, FSR Customized Training and FSR Technical College.

Phase 1 - FSR Boot Camp

As the name implies, FSR Boot Camp is an intense course, covering the day-to-day business of being an FSR through a comprehensive introduction to the wood industry and machining processes. This includes technical terminology and aspects that they are expected to know in order to be able to relate and communicate with their customers on all aspects of their equipment.

Phase 2 - FSR Customized Training

Depending on their specialty, the FSRs take part in regularly scheduled Stiles Education classes, Stiles Virtual University and Homag Academy online courses are part of the second phase of the Academy. These training opportunities provide in-depth background on specific machine areas and are available as future reference at any time. This second phase of customized training also includes on-the-job shadowing in tandem with experienced FSR’s & Homag factory representatives who reinforce & refine what has been previously taught.

Phase 3 - FSR Technical College

Stiles recently conducted the first ever FSR Technical College with great success. This unique, intense multi-week element taught advanced electrical, pneumatic and mechanical concepts. Graduates of this College receive extensive classroom and hands-on experience on traditional through advanced woodworking machines. This College provides them the troubleshooting knowledge to more rapidly diagnosis and pin point issues that need to be addressed.

“The Stiles Education FSR Academy truly develops out FSRs to be the best equipped service personnel in the industry. Upon completion of the program, they understand and know how to be a valued person in the field on the front lines of Stiles Service,” said Duane Griffiths, Manager of Stiles Educational Services.

For additional information on the Stiles Education FSR Academy, contact Duane Griffiths at 616.698.7500.

Source: Stiles

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