Streetsboro, Ohio - Soft-Lite, L.L.C. (Soft-Lite), a U.S. manufacturer of premium replacement windows and doors, has announced the addition of a second new state-of-the-art laminator line for applying interior woodgrains and external color laminates on windows at their manufacturing facility in Streetsboro, OH. The installation of the new laminator line represents a major technology upgrade to Soft-Lite’s manufacturing capabilities and is a direct response to industry trends which indicate a growing demand for interior window woodgrain finishes and external color laminates. Many homeowners view interior woodgrain-finished windows, especially Bay and Bow woodgrain windows, as an extension of their fine wood furniture. Soft-Lite offers a variety of woodgrain options to assist homeowners in their desire to accent and complement their interior furnishings. With the installation of this new laminator line, Soft-Lite has enhanced its position to take full advantage of this opportunity.

“Our dealers are telling us what’s happening in their markets, what our customers are interested in, and what our competition is offering,” noted Greg Irving, Soft-Lite’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “This new installation keeps us in line with the pulse of the industry and lets us respond in a timely and appropriate manner with products that meet changing needs. It also helps us better utilize working capital by reducing parts stocking and inventory requirements.” Consequently, Soft-Lite’s new laminator line features precision, computer-controlled PUR33LD wrapping machines with removable (break-away) profile wrapping units that support quick changes in the manufacturing process to accommodate the installation of a wide range of quality interior woodgrain and exterior color laminates. Quick-adjustable guides make feeding multiple profiles easier, and the unit’s pump-fed melter supplies hot-melt adhesive to the system in a “melt-on-demand” process that reduces energy consumption by minimizing heat up and cool down times while also controlling contamination and waste.

“Soft-Lite’s new laminator line will help us stay on top of the industry,” continued Greg Irving. “Having multiple lines will help support the predicted volume increases in interior and exterior laminate demand by providing us with not only a top-quality product, but the ability to make faster shape and laminate change-overs. We can run one line, maintaining production, while changing rollers and jigs on the other line for another product or laminate. Shorter set-up times mean shorter lead times and this helps us serve our customers better. Plus, the new laminator line further improves laminate adhesion and finish quality while giving us the capability to add more woodgrain finishes and exterior colors to our product line. It’s just what our dealers – and their customers -- are looking for.”

The upgrade of Soft-Lite’s manufacturing facilities to include this new laminator line is just one more indication of how the company listens to its customers and uses their feedback to solidify and improve their position in the marketplace. “We pride ourselves on giving customers more choices than anyone else and we are investing in this technology to offer more premium interior woodgrain and exterior color laminates for families to beautify their homes” said Roy Anderson, President of Soft-Lite. “Offering homeowners more choices gives our dealers more tools to delight their customers – and that is our ultimate goal. It also allows us to further improve product quality and appearance, and gives us the ability to add a larger selection of laminates and product styles in the future.”

Source: Soft-Lite LLC

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