Effective January 1, 2014, we are delighted to announce that Smith Leonard PLLC and Smith McWhorter will merge together under the Smith Leonard PLLC name.

The joining of our firm with Smith McWhorter allows us to expand as a firm in two key service areas - real estate and small business services - and adds a dynamic team of professionals to our group. The expertise of the Smith McWhorter team enhances our ability to deliver results to our individual and corporate clients across diverse industries. The merger allows us to continue to serve with a common purpose: to further the best interests of every client.

The Smith McWhorter team is committed to intense client service, innovative planning and sincere respect for clients and staff. We believe their values and work ethic align completely with our own and know that our ability to serve our clients, enhanced by our long-standing affiliation with the BDO Alliance, has never been better. Going forward, we are committed to and excited about working as a cohesive team that offers proactive advice and exceptional service.

Smith Leonard will now have 45 individuals in two locations: our headquarters in High Point and an additional office in Lexington, NC. Please visit our website for more information on the capabilities of our growing practice or reach out to us with any questions about the merger.

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