Pittsburgh, PA, -- Greener Expressions, the company behind GreenerPittsburgh.com, announced today sponsorship of GreenerPittsburgh.com by Simple Green Cabinets, another local, green Pittsburgh business.

“Simple Green Cabinets is a great example of a business whose mission fits perfectly with that of GreenerPittsburgh.com,” said Greg DiMedio, CEO of Greener Expressions. “They are committed to providing a high quality product produced through the use of green materials and operations, and want to connect with other Pittsburghers who share their commitment to sustainability.”

GreenerPittsburgh.com, currently in beta, is a new location-based platform designed to connect people and businesses to greener products and services via a vibrant green marketplace. Prior to its launch in September 2011, there was no such centralized resource for finding green products and services in the region, and therefore nowhere for people like Pete Schoonmaker, founder of Simple Green Cabinets, to share sustainability stories and experiences.

“My business is green and sustainable in just about every aspect, and I have had many experiences with other green organizations in town,” said Schoonmaker, “but I decided to be a sponsor of GreenerPittsburgh.com because I think they have the right recipe for getting the word out.”

Simple Green Cabinets provides high-quality, environmentally-friendly, locally-sourced custom cabinetry and furniture to the Pittsburgh region. “We recycle and reuse everything that we possibly can, only use certified non-toxic glues, stains, and finishes, and also buy about 95% of our materials locally,” said Schoonmaker. “We donate plywood scraps to a local school for use in art projects, and all of our sawdust goes to different local organizations – urban gardeners for use in compost, for example. We throw away very, very little.”

Sponsorship of GreenerPittsburgh.com will help Pete connect with sustainability-minded customers. They can find Simple Green Cabinets through GreenerPittsburgh.com’s searchable green business directory, and a green business profile and educational articles will help tell his important sustainability story.

“When I met Pete, I saw right away that he had a great story to share,” said Sean Brady, VP of Business Development at Greener Expressions. “He is passionate about his business and being as green as possible, so Simple Green Cabinets is a great addition to GreenerPittsburgh.com. A sponsorship made perfect sense.”

According to Schoonmaker, being green is an easy choice: “If we all recycle, buy locally, and do what is best for ourselves, our community, region, and the world, we would create more jobs, less waste, and build a better place to pass on to our children. It is common sense to me.”

About Greener Expressions: Greener Expressions aggregates, educates, and promotes greener products and services with GreenerPittsburgh.com, the region’s first interactive platform that motivates consumers, businesses, and community stakeholders to advance sustainability practices and produce measurable results.

About Simple Green Cabinets: Simple Green Cabinets provides Pittsburgh with a unique source for quality-built, environmentally-friendly cabinetry and furniture constructed exclusively using locally-sourced materials. A home-grown business that is consumer driven, Simple Green Cabinets creates only the highest quality, eco-friendly cabinets, casework, and furniture available today. For more information see: greenerpittsburgh.com/directory/home-a-garden/simple-green-cabinets-llc 

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