Harrisburg, S.D. — Employee-owned cabinet maker Showplace Wood Products, based in Harrisburg, introduces Refacing & More, a cabinet refacing program available to homeowners through independent refacing contractors trained and certified by the company.

Refacing & More was developed by Showplace to address the increasing demand by homeowners for cabinet refacing, while also providing new business opportunities to small remodeling contractors throughout the country. Refacing & More is an entry point into the family of Showplace quality and selection, specially tailored for independent refacing contractors. Refacing products from Showplace are of the same quality in every way, and are manufactured right along with other Showplace products.

―Refacing & More is much like a franchise, but without the fees or royalties‖ says Jon Bour director of refacing sales and development at Showplace. ―Showplace supports participating contractors with things like training, bid and labor estimation programs and marketing support, allowing them to expand their business opportunities in a tough housing market,‖ he adds.

What makes the Refacing & More process from Showplace different from that of other refacing providers is that, while certified contractors update the look of their client’s existing cabinetry, homeowners also have the creative freedom to add entirely new elements, using top-quality Showplace components, that simply weren’t necessary or available when their existing kitchen was first designed – a blending of new and refaced cabinetry.

According to Bour, things like custom hoods or islands can be easily integrated into the project using products that are visually the same as the refaced cabinetry. ―Once a project is completed, you’d be hard pressed to tell which cabinets are new and which were refaced,‖ he said.

With Refacing & More, homeowners are able to keep their existing structurally-sound cabinets, while transforming them with a fresh, new face using the styles, wood species, and finishes that are popular today. Refacing can typically be completed in two or three days, which makes it an ideal solution for homeowners happy with their existing kitchen or bath layout and simply looking for a quick make-over with little disruption to their home life.

For many traditional kitchen and bath dealers, refacing is unknown territory – and may be someplace that they’d rather not go. It’s understandable that many highly-trained and creative designers at these dealerships prefer starting with a blank sheet and creating completely new living space for their clients. But there’s also a market for cabinet refacing that has been a force in remodeling for some time and has strong appeal to increasingly cost-conscious homeowners.

Source: Showplace Wood Products

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