Guangzhou, China - Senyi Furniture, one of the top manufacturers of hotel furniture in China, recently announced its decision to expand its product and services range. The company’s selection of items has now grown to include handcrafted banquet chairs, outdoor furniture, table lamps, and wall art.

Senyi Furniture Factory Provides New Products and Services “While our China hotel furniture is still popular with hotel project purchasers in many countries because of the best quality and price, we strive to continuously make adaptations to the wood furniture market,” stated a representative of Senyi Furniture. “We want to reflect our constant development through our detailed furniture product designs.”

At this time, Senyi Furniture’s new pieces are available for viewing in the company’s portfolio. Senyi Furniture’s portfolio lists over 60 pages of products, all of which are viewable in an organized format. To view a bigger and clearer version of the photo, customers only need to click on the picture and scroll.

In addition to its new products, Senyi Furniture offers customers a wide variety of hotel and home bedroom furniture. Although many of the company’s products are wooden and upholstered, each piece is individual. The company has over 30 years of experience in the wood industry and over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying of hotel and house furniture.

“At Senyi Furniture, we always use the best raw materials available,” noted an article available on the company’s website. “Our merchandise is skillfully made through a specific production process and designed with functionality.

Senyi Furniture specializes in China sourcing upon request from its clients. As a part of its China sourcing services, Senyi Furniture helps customers find reputable manufacturers in China. By adding various suppliers to their database, clients can expand their product range and gain profits.

The company is also a leader in quality control in China. Senyi Furniture manages a quality control team that checks all purchased products, ensuring the delivery of high-quality merchandise. Since the company is well known for its excellent management and communication skills, customers can simply call or send an email with their requirements and a representative will be in touch.

Individuals interested in learning more about Senyi Furniture and its line of products can visit the company’s website for more information. Customers can also subscribe to Senyi Furniture’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for frequent updates from the company.

About Senyi Furniture:

Founded in 1988, Senyi Furniture is a wooden furniture manufacturer in China. The company’s main products are hotel and home bedroom furniture, as well as relative products such as banquet chairs, outdoor furniture, wall art, and table lamps. Senyi Furniture employs about 350 skilled craftspeople in square meter plant that is more than 20,000 meters. The company also provides other services, such as China sourcing, upon request. Representatives of Senyi Furniture can be contacted via phone at +86 20 666 37392 or +86 134 25708954. For more information, please visit

Source: Senyi Furniture

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