Wood is a high-performance, inexpensive material that can be used for everything from multi-storey buildings to flooring. LEGNO&EDILIZIA showcases the most sophisticated solutions for the construction industry, from structural timber to parquet. The cutting-edge products on display help to protect natural resources and they can be utilized for home energy retrofitting and to guarantee optimum use of space.

As usual, the ninth LEGNO&EDILIZIA international exhibition on the use of wood in building will take place in Verona. Some of the recently renovated halls of Verona Exhibition Centre will be used for the event, where several hundred Italian and international companies will present their finest output.

Although things are still very difficult in the construction industry, promising signs continue to be shown by wood, which is a natural, renewable and environmentally friendly material. Members of the trade can be cautiously optimistic because wooden constructions are no longer seen as the exclusive prerogative of a privileged few. They are now viewed as an ideal option for the majority of people. This new outlook is largely down to better, more widely accessible information about the capabilities of wooden buildings. Their added value is gaining ever greater recognition from the design world. It is a strong point for sustainable, environmentally friendly architecture featuring state-of-the-art integrated energy technology. The engineered varieties of the raw material offer better performance than solid wood. This is one of the factors that has helped to promote the reputation of wood as an ideal green, highly effective and inexpensive material that also offers outstanding earthquake resistance.

Due to all of its benefits, wood is now a popular choice in urban areas, where it is used in prestigious projects and reaches heights that were once deemed impossible for wooden constructions. There are numerous examples, including Via Cenni in Milan, which is the largest wooden residential complex in Europe, with four nine-storey buildings that stretch to 27 metres in height. Constructions of a similar size can be found in a number of other European cities. They perfectly cater to residential building needs in high population density areas, where quicker construction times offer a clear advantage.

LEGNO&EDILIZIA 2015 (from 19th – to 22th Februar 2014) will once again be a dynamic event with an organizational approach and line-up designed to cater to the needs of a constantly evolving market. We are also pleased to announce that a cooperation agreement has been signed by ARCA Casa Legno Srl and Piemmeti SpA, a subsidiary of Veronafiere. ARCA will help to coordinate the group exhibition by its member companies and contribute to the convention schedule of the event. It will play an important role and its input highlights how the exhibition promotes business opportunities and meetings between exhibitors and visitors. The biennial event will be held from 19 to 22 February and a number of international players have already confirmed that they will attend, including participants from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland. The fair in Verona allows companies and traders from the construction industry and associated businesses and designers to see what the international production scene has to offer. It is a useful opportunity to plan purchases of new processing technologies, products and systems. Visitors can also take part in a selection of conventions, seminars and workshops that feature prestigious speakers and are organized in association with international research organizations and universities. The schedule will be finalized shortly.


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