Scm Introduces Morbidelli Uniflex S/HP with Mahros Integration.  Morbidelli Uniflex S/HP features a boring cell with Mahros automated loading and unloading devices quality and precision for the demanding professional.

The boring cell UNIFLEX machining centre, dedicated to boring, routing and cutting with a blade, and of the MAHROS automated loading and unloading devices that add the maximum efficiency of a boring line to the flexibility of a machining centre.

The cell is made up of two portal machines which pick and place panels directly from/on the boring machine worktable, guaranteeing continuous boring operations.

Mixed stacks can also be handled, able to meet even medium - small batch machining requirements.

The new patented panel locking grippers, which move independently of one another, improve work-piece positioning precision, and allow the possibility of boring even in positions on the inside of the grippers, to reduce the number of work-piece pickups and therefore the machining time.

When panels come in multiple configurations, the grippers also reorganise the panels at unloading into the same configuration as when they were loaded.

The Uniflex range includes two models, S and HP, with two machining heads in upper and lower positions, fitted with:

• 31 vertical spindles (Uniflex S) / 48 vertical spindles (Uniflex HP)

• Up to 10 independent horizontal spindles (Uniflex S)

• Up to 18 independent horizontal spindles (Uniflex HP)

• 9Hp HSK 63 manual electro-spindle (optional)

• Fixed or rotatable 0-90° blade unit (optional)

To complete the Uniflex operating range, the models may also house dedicated units for hinge holes and dowel insertion devices.

The HP model is fitted in the upper and lower positions with a machining head having 14 vertical spin¬dles and 4/8 horizontal spindles, with numeric control movement management to optimise:

• Boring for shelves (fitting);

• Cabinet assembly structural boring;

• Horizontal boring for dowel and hardware insertion, with maximum efficiency for out of step centre-to-centre distances 32 mm.

But the real novelty of the boring cell is the implementation of the new “Watch Supervisor” that thanks to a user-friendly interface guarantees complete control of the cell from a single working position. In use, the automated devices and the boring machine are managed as a single machine, guaranteeing speed and easy use. The cells can be proposed in another two alternative models, able to satisfy special requirements and the cell may be configured with only the loading or unloading machine.

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