KARLSRUHE, GERMANY -- With a new veneer product Schorn & Groh of Karlsruhe underscores its role as an innovator in the veneer business. The new CoCo is genuine veneer in a range of brown shades.

The special color of CoCo results from a manufacturing technique that’s similar to the natural process that creates bog oaks. In that preservation process, fossilized common or sessile oak lay in a bog for millennia. The tannic acid in the wood lying in acidic anaerobic wetlands reacts with marsh gases to create the rich dark brown to black coloring. The wood’s structure and stability also are preserved.

To make CoCo, high-quality veneer is naturally dyed in a very short time. The environmentally friendly process involves no harmful substances. The veneer also remains supple as it is not exposed to extreme heat during processing.

The coloring is highly UV-resistant as the wood is completely dyed. Schorn & Groh says that’s what keeps CoCo looking lovely for years and years. CoCo veneer can be used anywhere, including on work surfaces in the kitchen and tables in the dining room. The low emission rates allow an open surface area and require no special safety measures during veneer processing.

The new veneer product is currently available in four different shades of oak: Taupe CoCo, Cognac CoCo, Coffee CoCo and Nero CoCo. It is sold as raw or spliced veneer.

Source: Schorn & Groh

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