RALEIGH, NC -- With the new vacuum block series VC-R, vacuum specialist is offering flexible and cost-efficient clamping equipment for CNC machining centers with grid tables.

The new vacuum block VC-R from Schmalz provides the user with a high level of safety and flexibility for CNC machining on grid tables. Different sizes make it possible to clamp workpieces with extremely different shapes, an integrated sensing valve maintains a closed vacuum system, even when the suction pads are not covered, and the included positioning inserts ensure that the suction pads are easy to place in the grid.

The new suction pads are available in two sizes (160 x 160 mm and 160 x 96 mm) and in two heights (25 mm and 45 mm). Stacking makes it possible to create additional heights. The user can equip his or her machinery for a wide range of workpieces and applications with just a few standard suction pads. Even complex five-axis applications without wearing plates are can be realized, for example for the production of recesses or for trimming panels.

Schmalz equipped the suction area with a special friction pad. This allows the vacuum block VC-R to achieve an enormous holding force of up to 1,500 N and horizontal force of up to 900 n. All types are equipped with an integrated sensing valve. This means that suction pads that are not covered can remain on the grid table even when switching tasks.

The VC-R’s seals feature a long service life and make it possible to securely fix the workpiece, even with structured surfaces. They can be procured as a spare part and can be easily replaced in the case of wear.

Vacuum blocks VC-R can be used in all CNC machining centers with standard grid tables (grid dimensions of 30 x 30, 40 x 40 and 50 x 50 mm). The user only needs to set the included positioning inserts in the corresponding notches for the grid being used.

Source: Schmaltz

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