HAM LAKE, MN - Safety Speed Mfg. announced the retirement of Ruth Ohman, Parts and Customer Service Representative, effective January 25th, 2013, after 30 years.

"Ohman was been invaluable in the operations of our company," says Safety Speed's Tom Houska."She has been critical to the success of our company over the last three decades."

Ruth has made a permanent mark on everyone here at Safety Speed Manufacturing with her motherly charm and caring attitude. Her parts and product expertise has not only allowed us to have a more productive and efficient company, but it has also allowed us to expand and better our company, making us one of the leaders in the industry today.

"Her years of working and striving to help our customers have indeed been an absolute joy to everyone, staff and customers alike." says Houska. "It is with sadness and fondness that we announce the retirement."

Safety Speed started in 1958 in a small garage in Minneapolis, when Gene Olson had an idea to develop a vertical panel saw that would make it easier and safer to accurately cut large panels into smaller sized pieces - while also taking up less space in his garage. Olson grew that idea into a successful business. Since that time, Safety Speed has been a leading American manufacturer of vertical panel saws and panel routers. Since its founding, Safety Speed Mfg. has sold over 60,000 machines and has moved and expanded into a new 36,000 square foot facility in Ham Lake, MN.

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