OTTAWA, ON – Nature Canada’s Women for Nature initiative brings together the leadership, knowledge, experience and passion of amazing women across Canada who are committed to nature conservation. The Women for Nature initiative will be formally launched on Parliament Hill today in Ottawa. Kathy Abusow, President and CEO of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI Inc.®), will take part in the launch along with other Women for Nature, Senators Janis Johnson and Nancy Green Raine, and Members of Parliament Stella Ambler, Linda Duncan, Joyce Murray, Kirsty Duncan and Elizabeth May.

"This is an opportunity to celebrate a diverse group of accomplished Canadian women who have chosen to join Nature Canada in championing nature conservation," said Ian Davidson, Nature Canada’s Executive Director. Davidson continued, "These women are a driving force in Canadian society and they are at the heart of our efforts to engage and empower Canadians to advocate for nature, save species and protect habitats and connect children to nature."

"I’m incredibly proud to be part of this extraordinary group," said Kathy Abusow. "At SFI we are focused on responsible forestry, the future of our forests and the species that inhabit them which aligns closely to Nature Canada’s work. We recently launched our 2014 call for proposals for our Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant program. This program uses SFI managed lands as living laboratories to foster research and pilot efforts to better inform future decisions about our forests including species at risk."

The SFI Program is the only forest certification standard in North America that requires participants to support and engage in research activities to improve forest health, productivity and sustainable management of forest resources. This year’s SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant program will focus on investments linked to the role of sustainable forest management in Carbon and Bioenergy; Forest Health; Water; Capacity Building; and Wildlife, Fish and Biodiversity.

The Women for Nature launch will be held at Centre Block, Room 256-S, Parliament Hill on February 4, 2014 from 6pm-8pm. Keynote addresses from the hosts will begin at 6pm. Light refreshments will be served.

Source: Sustainable Forestry Initiative

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