An integrated cell with 25 different solutions in a huge 1300 square metre stand in pavilion 10 at the Nuremberg Expo Centre. These simple numbers reveal just how much work the SCM Group has - once again - put into preparing for the Holz-Handwerk show, a busy meeting place for carpenters and trade operators in an event which continues to grow in importance on both a local and international scale.

SCM Group brings new technology and industry leading brands at this year's Holz-Handwerk show:

* New edgebanding solutions by SCM for carpentry and small businesses. The Group will be unveiling the “Olimpic K100” edgebanding machine - an entry level solution offering excellent performance at an affordable price. This comprehensively equipped machine features technologically advanced solutions such as belt transport, for perfect edge finishing results, an incoming panel grinder unit, which solves cross-cutting problems, and an effective glue scraper unit, which removes any excess glue.

Another machine in the spotlight is the “Olimpic K560”, with the new two motor corner rounding unit, which is ideal for finishing thick edged panels. This compact, highly productive machine - capable of speeds of up to 18 metres per minute - is the ideal edgebanding machine for companies which need to process many consecutive panels quickly without compromising quality, and also need to change between different jobs rapidly. This machine comes with a touch screen control panel with an attractive user interface, letting the operator quickly select between the different machine operations available.

* Stefani Solution Slim Line. Conceived for industrial scale edge banding, the new Stefani “Solution”, with exclusive Stefani patented “Slim Line” technology, for producing furniture components, combines unparalleled productivity with excellent finish quality. Unlike many other systems today, which limit process flexibility as they can only work with specific types of edgebanding strips, this machine may be used to glue a vast variety of different edgebanding strips, even including the latest generation materials.

* The Accord WD integrated cell and SCM Accord FX range of work centres for manufacturing windows and doors.

Taking centre stage at Nuremberg is the new “Accord WD” work cell, which lets even small and medium sized businesses improve their competitive edge with a highly automated production process and now comes with a significant new innovation: specific MSL software developed by SCM Group, for transferring job management and order data directly from the office to the machine.

Integrated loading and unloading systems, the “Matic” table, which automatically clamps pieces quickly and reliably, the flexibility typical of a genuine work centre and the ability to change tools in just 5 seconds with the 48 place “Mach 5” tool changer are just a few of the many advantages that this cell offers.

* Morbidelli Author “M Series” boring-routing work centres - solutions with 3, 4 or 5 axes, new automatic tables and assisted piece positioning. The prestige of the Morbidelli brand name is matched perfectly by the flexible productivity and superlative quality offered by the M600 and M300 models on show.

* L’invincibile

SCM Group has focused on the undisputed excellence of the classic machines of its “L’invincibile” range. This entire range has now been revised, and comes to Holz-Handwerk with all-new quality standards, encapsulating the expertise of the producer of the world's largest range of woodworking machines.

The L’invincibile range represents the cutting edge of knowledge and technology in this sector today.

The line-up of SCM Group products at the German show will also include solutions for sanding, with the DMC System automatic calibrating/sanding machine, which boasts extremely rapid tool changing times and offers superb finish quality standards, solutions for boring and routing, such as the SCM “Cyflex F900” boring centre, with electric spindle for vertical routing, and the SCM “Tech Z5” and “Tech Z1 pro” work centres.

See you at Holz-Handwerk!

Nuremberg Expo Centre, 26-29 March 2014

pavilion 10, stand 10.0-305

Source: SCM Group

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