What is it and why did we produce it?

UMO was produced as a response to frequent request from our customers. Our customers get many requests from their customers that have other finishes, oils and hard-wax oils, on their floors but want to get away from the maintenance these other products require; other finishes require cleaners with oil in them and normally need to be re-oiled every year to two years. Rubio Monocoat simply can be cleaned with water, dampened rags/towels, or with our non-residue cleaner; Surface Care Spray. In fact you can use our cleaner for urethane, tile or vinyl floors as it does not leave a residue and does not have oils in it.

So we produced UMO that can be buffed on most other penetrating oils, converting them into Rubio Monocoat thereby reducing the amount of maintenance that needs to be done. The Technical Data Sheet is attached and as with all products, check the application in a small area prior to use. However, it has been tested on all of our major competitors products and works great. In some cases it will alter the appearance of their finish so test and get approval from your customer prior to application. Once converted you can clean the finish with water, after 6 day cure, and use any of our products for renovation in the future.

UMO is available in Pure (clear), white, black, brown and grey. These colors can be mixed if desired.

Sheen Enhancement:

When UMO is applied to our finish, it increases the sheen. The UMO cannot penetrate our finish so it adds a very thin layer on top of our finish increasing the sheen. The best way I would describe the net result is that it is a “soft urethane” that increases the sheen and can be renovated easily anytime in the future when you start to see scratches or wear; it is not a “soft urethane” but that is the best way to describe it.

The addition of this UMO overcoat can also enhance the sculpted appearance of hand scraped floors along with giving the look of a waxed floor. All while maintaining the reparability and ease of care we are know for.

Soap Satin (SS) and High Traffic Protection (HTP) Discontinued:

With UMO as an option we have decided to eliminate SS and HTP from our offering. Simply put, UMO is easier and less expensive to apply and it is easier and less expensive to maintain. SS and HTP worked great for some customers and we have a small inventory here to accommodate them in the short term but are talking to all customers about transition at this time. Transition is easy; strip the HTP or SS with SS Stripper, then renovate the floor with Refresh, Maintenance Oil or Oil Plus 2C. Once dry then buff the floor with UMO. Again, sample the application as this will increase the sheen along with giving greater clarity to the coloration of the underlying finish; it will look different than before.

If you have any questions or would like to test/try the UMO, please contact us in our office.

Source: Rubio Monocoat USA, LLC


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