The Interior Innovation Award is regarded as one of the most renowned design prizes in the furnishing industry worldwide. The award is presented as part of the imm cologne in association with the German Design Council. This year, for the second time, Rooms Moscow/MIFS, in collaboration with imm cologne 2014, will present the prize winners with their awards in Russia. At a central location in Hall 13 of the Crocus Expo exhibition grounds, Franz Kaldewei GmbH, wick-lebensart, pedro, whitepool, Resina Olot S.L., Kreamat and Croverings, among others, will be setting out their stalls from 20 May 2014.

The Interior Innovation Award rewards innovative furniture and design solutions in the furnishing industry – individual, outstanding product development solutions which have the potential to re-imagine one particular area of the industry. Because a trade fair like Rooms Moscow/MIFS presents elements from all areas within the furnishing sector, the award-winning products each highlight the strengths of an individual design solution. The prize is awarded based on flexibility of context, strength of contrast, comfort, potential range of colour and materials, as well as the sheer joy of the design. In the discourse regarding quality and the on/off-trend-carousel of sustainability and deceleration, the Jury wants to see components which make an impact. Furniture which provides us with new options, design which changes our view of furniture, exemplary use of material and processing techniques. Not necessarily new, but innovative. “This award reflects the high standards which a leading international trade fair like imm cologne represents – not just the quality of what it represents but also the fair itself. Therefore, we are very happy to be able to present the Interior Innovation Award, an award which demonstrates the synergies between Moscow and Cologne,” says Marc Zöllig, project leader of Rooms Moscow/MIFS, in his summary.

Rooms Moscow/MIFS is the central annual business platform for companies from all over the world looking for access to furniture markets in Russia and

Eastern Europe – the furniture markets of the future. Koelnmesse and Media Globe Crocus have developed the dual trade fair. The trade fair will offer visitors a comprehensive overview of products and solutions for designing and furnishing rooms, including products from the furniture production, internal fittings and lighting industries. The fair takes place in Spring – the perfect time for a furnishings and fittings fair, with plenty of time to generate market opportunities within the same year.

Further information is available at:

Rooms Moscow/MIFS, Moscow, Russia

20-24 May 2014

The winners at a glance:

Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG with the free-standing bathtub

"Purism of a new era. With the seamless enamelled panel Kaldewei is treading a new path in the shaping of steel enamel bathtubs. Monolithic and all of a piece the Meisterstu ck Centro Duo Oval is bearing witness to which formal power the classic material steel enamel is capable when uncompromising design and advanced manufacturing processes are going into a symbiosis. Adequate to the authentic appearance a special drain and overflow fitting with enamelled covers is integrated. Sustainability is ensured by an environmental product declaration."

Coverings ETC with 100% upcycled glass sheets used for countertops, flooring, and wall coverings

"Bio-Glass are glass sheets used for countertops, flooring, and wall coverings. Bio-Glass in “Topaz Blue” is made from 100 % recycled glass coming from vodka bottles gathered at recycling centers. It is 100 % upcycled and 100 % recyclable. There are no colourants or epoxies added to Bio-Glass. The material can be used for countertops, partitions, façades, and other decorative surfaces. The layers of compressed glass create a unique pattern through which light permeates."

wick-lebensart with the sunshade stand “sol ara”

"This sunshade stand combines dynamics and looks. At long last, an upscale class of shade has been made available. The premium and resilient materials are the foundation of this sunshade stand. Its weight gives it unbelievable stability. The natural stone with guide bushing is stably screwed to the anodized aluminium plate. A stainless steel handle allows easy movement, which is simple to handle due to high-quality ball bearing rolls. Two natural rubber feet give it the necessary support." T

acchini Italia Forniture srl with the Seating system “Galleria”

"A steel bar with a vaguely industrial feel, onto which one can fasten elements made of highly characterful materials: wood, leather, fabric and metal painted in primary geometric forms that give rise to always different architectures, both fascinating and surprising. Galleria is the new project by the Pearson Lloyd Studio for Tacchini: a system that lets you create any solution from a simple linear bench to an angular two-seater, to a peaceful island as a waiting area, or designed for relaxation and conviviality. Each composition can be used as stand-alone or in groups, in an effort to simplify and at the same time enhance the public spaces of any size, in keeping with its architecture, its routes and its functions. A language rich in colours and materials can arouse a wealth of emotions: from natural tones to classic shades, right through to the more vivid and unconventional hues."

Chair series „ON“ by Pedro

"The ON chair series, designed for homes and public spaces, is an ecological, lightweight and fresh result of a cooperation between designer and manufacturer with similar mindsets on functionality. An innovative thermoformable wood material makes it possible to create both lightness in design and recyclability throughout the product’s life span. The key point in design has been the extension of functionality from usability alone to the materials we have used, the innovative production system and recyclable raw materials – the Seite 4/5 whole life span of the product. When a product functions, on top of its aesthetics and usability, ecologically and ethically, it is possible to see true functionality in furniture. They should respond to our values."

Flower Power Swimming Pool by whitepool

"whitepool’s Flower Power stands for holistic design. For design which weaves its way through the entire swimming pool, uniting its various elements, and transforming the completed pool to a perfectly harmonious work of art. The Flower Power series extends beyond tile design – the beautifully formed edging allows the form of the swimming pool to meet the most demanding designs. whitepool relief tiles made of German handcraft porcelain with scripts and patterns combine individuality and functionality; the Flower Power relief tiles have an unglazed, non-slip surface. Swimmingpool with colour therapy: whitepool installs round or square-shaped spotlights, or LED strips. The lightemitting diodes are embedded in a waterproof system and have a working life of 50,000 hours. The entire pool lighting system is acid- and base-resistant, resistant to chlorine, and designed to withstand steam jet cleaning."

RESINAS OLOT, S.L. with the table VELA

"Vela table, designed by Fabrizio Batoni for Barcelona Dd, is a double pedestal base for indoor and outdoor use, composed by two bases injected in fibre glass, joined by an aluminium bar covered by a textured PVC profile. It has UV protection. Vela is available in three formats (S, M, L), in 4 colours (white, black, sand and red), and with glass and HPL Table tops."

Kreamat Original Beds with flexible sleeping solutions

"Kreamat Original Beds realises flexible sleeping solutions that fully anticipate your individual sleeping needs. But Kreamat is more than healthy sleeping. With the Sparta concept Kreamat also wants to upgrade the perception of the bedroom. Studio Segers designed an attractive programme with practical tools for an around the bed. The harmonious unit of comfortable headboards, practical storage space, flexible bedside tables and a cosy seat form a unique programme for converting the bedroom into a fully-fledged multifunctional space. The design is fresh and to the point, but is especially geared towards individual living. No superfluous but practical aesthetic tools for contemporary living. The Sparta collection stands for comfort, modern cosiness and functionality."

Source: Koelnmesse

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