Medina, MN – Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has expanded its line of shop storage solutions to include three new additions: the 18" Shop Stand Apron, Joinery Tool Bag, and Zipper Pouch 3-Pack.

They are constructed with rugged hardware and durable polyester weave material made to withstand the rigors of shop use. Each new product has its own specialized use in the shop and expands Rockler's highly attractive and utilitarian line of shop storage solutions.

 The 18" Shop Stand Apron is designed to keep a wide range of tools and accessories at hand for quick access. It is constructed with steel grommets which are spaced for easy attachment to Rockler's most popular shop stand, using the bolts which already hold the stand together. Since the Rockler Steel Shop Stand is typically used to support a router table, the apron's 33 vertical pockets, pouches, and slots keep everything from router bits and wrenches to safety equipment like featherboards and goggles securely in place, while the backer board core provides stability even if the stand is wheeled around the shop on casters.

The Joinery Tool Bag keeps drills, nailers and fasteners ready to go for projects such as trimming out window frames, nailing crown molding, assembling cabinets or installing shelving brackets. The main compartment features adjustable velcro dividers to keep drills and nailers straight, and one end has a large compartment for a battery charger. Seven other pockets offer storage for fasteners like screws, nails, biscuits and dowels, while sixteen narrow slots sleeve screwdrivers, pencils and nail sets. A rugged diamond-pattern PVC reinforced bottom, leather handle corners, durable nylon stitching, and a contoured, easy-grip handle round out this utility bag.

The Zipper Pouches 3-Pack keeps small tools, fasteners, and other components from disappearing in the dust, dirt and clutter that builds up in a shop setting. They are ideal for storing miscellaneous hardware, biscuits, dowels, drill bits, sharpened pencils and drafting tools. Each pouch is fitted with a metal grommet so it can be hung on pegs, hooks, or nails at convenient locations throughout the shop.

"An organized shop is a safe and productive shop," says Steve Krohmer, Rockler's Vice President of Product Marketing. "These storage solutions keep tools and supplies in order that are otherwise scattered throughout the shop, which eliminates the safety

concern of loose tools laying around as well as the hassle of trying to track down exactly what you need when you need it."

The 18" Shop Stand Apron (47056) is priced at $24.99, the Joinery Tool Bag (47794) at $49.99, and the Zipper Pouches 3-Pack (44035) at $12.99. All can be purchased at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nationwide,, or from the Rockler catalog. For store locations or a free catalog, please visit or call 1-877-ROCKLER.

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