AUSTIN, Texas --  In a viral promotion for its upcoming expansion to a new northern location, experiential marketing firm Rock Candy Media (RCM) situated itself at an IKEA in Round Rock, Texas and attempted to office from inside the retail warehouse without being detected.

"We asked ourselves what the bare necessities are for a functioning office," RCM founder and principal Annie Liao Jones said. "We concluded that all you need are desks, wifi and a bathroom. IKEA met all of those needs in space that offered many other perks, including two cafes and tasteful, eclectic appointments."

The company documented their afternoon stay at the international furniture giant and posted the highlight reel to YouTube. The somewhat exaggerated video shows RCM employees appropriating IKEA staples for their own devices.

"For what was essentially a goof, it ended up working pretty well," Jones said. "It's probably not a viable long-term solution, but no one we work with noticed a difference."

In lieu of maintaining a presence at IKEA, RCM expanded its operations to two Austin offices -- a main south location in the Frost Bank Tower, and a satellite north location at Tech Ranch Austin.

RCM is the only advertising firm officing at Tech Ranch Austin, an incubator for many of the city's most innovative startups. RCM believes that the two offices will allow for continued growth while also keeping the company grounded in two of Austin's most important hotspots for business.

"It's the best of both worlds," Jones said. "Our office downtown keeps us in the heart of the city and all that entails, while our north location allows us to be thoroughly embedded in Austin's rapidly expanding tech culture."

Rock Candy Media's work with the Austin Urology Institute grabbed the attention of Ads of the World in recent days as well.

Rock Candy Media is a UX-driven marketing, design and development firm in Austin, TX with roots in campaign generation and execution. For more information please call 512.291.7626 or visit Rock Candy Media.

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