Riverside Tool Corp., a leading manufacturer of precision woodworking, plastics, and nonferrous machining cutting tools, proudly announces the company’s 25th year. Operating in Indiana since 1990, Riverside has grown from modest beginnings in a garage by the Elkhart river to a leading manufacturer in the cutting tool industry.

Since it’s founding by Ron Migedt, the company has made steady strides throughout it’s history to continually improve quality and innovate with new materials and technologies. Examples in the company’s history include early production of insert tooling for the wood market, extensive use of alloy material in insert tooling, developing it’s comprehensive diamond (PCD) tool program, development of the RVS Multiprofile tooling system, 3D printing of wood samples, and developing a nationwide network of cutting tool dealers.

Riverside has overcome some major challenges in it’s history, the foremost being the totalloss catastrophic fire in 2004. “The company pushed forward in the aftermath of that fire and we actually grew as a company that year in sales, experience, and teamwork. While we worked through the recovery we decided that we would not let the situation control us, we controlled the situation and pushed through it was some of our toughest times but we are stronger for it” said Migedt.

Riverside has added new products, materials, and design elements in recent years to meet the changing market. “One of the biggest changes I have seen in the market since we started is the wide variance of materials that the wood and plastics industry are now machining. We are designing tools to cut manmade abrasive materials more and more each week.” said Migedt.

Riverside offers a full range of cutting tools including router bits, cutterheads, insert tooling, diamond (PCD) tooling, and plans on releasing some new products at AWFS 2015.

For more information on Riverside Tool Corp., please visit the website at www.riversidetool.com , or call 8004308498.

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