Montreal — Richelieu will be exhibiting its vast array of exceptional hardware and interior architecture products at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta from August 20-23. This year Richelieu is offering show attendees a four-in-one booth experience with four different product categories, starring Richelieu’s new concept and product grouping known as Smart Living.

Inspired by design trends coming out of Europe and exciting new products from around the globe, Richelieu has used its resources to find solutions and systems that take a radically creative approach to how we live in and use our homes. Smart Living is about how to maximize space, how to make rooms and areas more functional, more versatile and more intelligent. Smart Living is a response to new lifestyle patterns, such as the emerging role of the kitchen as the home’s most important living space. And of course, Smart Living is about good design, a simple, less-is-more, minimalist approach to creating comfort and a beautiful environment.

Richelieu’s booth at the IWF will be a chance for fair attendees to see first-hand how they can apply Smart Living products and approaches in their own work and businesses. Richelieu Smart Living product experts will be available to demonstrate new innovations such as retractable tables, ingenious kitchen cabinet organizers and shelving systems and provide in-depth technical information.

Decorative Surfaces constitute another group of Richelieu’s four product sections at the IWF, showcasing an astounding selection of wood, imitation wood and synthetic panel products. Richelieu’s panel lines are more than about covering walls. Available in a variety of surfaces, some with varying degrees of opacity, these panels can be used to divide spaces, add dramatic lighting effects or as cladding on custom-built furniture, such as in commercial or retail settings. From antique wood to sculpted concrete-like surfaces, Richelieu’s wide range of surfaces remarkably emulates the shape, patterns and textures of various materials to completely transform interiors and furniture.

Richelieu never ceases to amaze with its astonishing range of Decorative Hardware, this year also on display at the IWF. Pulls, knobs, ornaments, hinges, hooks, plates — Richelieu knows that decorative hardware pieces are the final flourishes on furniture and cabinetry and that the right design can make all the difference. New additions to the Decorative Hardware program this year include knobs and pulls covered in denim fabrics or leather with metallic accents.

Richelieu has operated in North America for over 45 years, serving more than 70,000 clients with nearly 100,000 products across a multitude of categories. With its vast array of specialized items manufactured by two subsidiaries, Richelieu is at the forefront of design, style and innovation for 21st century lifestyles.

Source: Richelieu

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