AURORA, IL - Richards-Wilcox, Inc.'s latest product introduction is a patent-pending door truck assembly for a variety of hardware applications for manually operated sliding doors from 1-1/2" to 2-1/4" in thickness. Model Number 31 Lock Joint Door Truck and Hanger, rated at a 400 pound capacity, features a composite Delrin wheel which provides quieter operation and longer life than conventional steel wheels. Warranted at ten years, the new Door Truck and Hanger has exceeded life tests past its ten year warranty equivalent to over 18,000 cycles of operation, making it the hardest working, longest lasting door truck in the market.

Because the Delrin wheel is softer than steel wheels, it has the additional benefit of creating less friction, extending the life of the truck and the track. This composite wheel acts to create a cushioning effect, absorbing shock and diminishing spreading of the track, a common problem seen over time. 

Application flexibility and field adjustability are key to this innovative product. A unique, single-body design eliminates the need for welding, staking or riveting, and results in lower installed cost. The pendant assembly is versatile for many door applications and allows both vertical and lateral adjustment in the field while attached to the door.

Install the pendant with the threads oriented down to have access to the head below the track for easy door height adjustment. When installed with the threads up, the pendant head holds the door and projects up into the track. An application such as this allows the top of the door to be extremely close to the track.

The new Lock-Joint Door Hanger Assembly is perfect for a variety of applications including barns and stables, historic renovation projects, marinas, theatrical sets and stage doors, light commercial applications (conference rooms, audio visual sliding panels, pocket doors) and residential uses where quiet operation and noise reduction are required.

Order model 3120.00001, Pair of Truck Assemblies with Delrin wheels (less apron), or Model 3120.00002, Pair of Hanger Assemblies with Delrin wheels (with Apron). 

Since 1880, Richards-Wilcox has been the leading manufacturer of rugged, reliable hardware and accessories for slide, swing and slide-fold door applications with capacities up to 5,000 pounds. Richards-Wilcox offers a ten-year warranty, which is the longest in the industry, on every product in our Hardware Line. For further information or product support literature call 1-800-253-5668 or visit our web site and on-line company store at

Source: Richards Wilcox

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