HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA--  - Rêve Technologies, Inc., f/k/a Bassline Productions, Inc., (OTCBB: BSSP) a technology company focused on investing in, developing and marketing emerging hardware, mobile and web applications, finalizes the acquisition of MatchTrade, Inc. and OnTheCurb, LLC.

"We feel the assets of MatchTrade and OnTheCurb complement each other well and go in line with our company goals and vision," said Rêve Technologies CEO, Tamio Stehrenberger.

MatchTrade, Inc.

Included in the acquisition of MatchTrade, Inc. are the web domains, patents, and the MatchTrade mobile app -- the first barter/trade mobile app matchmaker to facilitate C2C, B2C, and B2B trading.

"MatchTrade has already been involved with helping businesses trade office space for accounting services, hot air balloon rides for furniture, and even cars for land. Trading by nature is very fun -- getting rid of old stuff in exchange for new stuff." Stehrenberger continues, "But our goal for MatchTrade is to go beyond amusement. We want to help struggling people and businesses trade skills, excess inventory and downtime for things they need to survive in this economy."

MatchTrade is currently in beta testing for iOS and Android, and plans to launch in Q4. For more information visit

OnTheCurb, LLC

Included in the acquisition of OnTheCurb, LLC. are the web domains and the OnTheCurb mobile app -- a free marketplace that makes giving away and finding free items nearby. With a gamification aspect, OnTheCurb makes it fun to give items away in order to get "free stuff" listings first before other users.

OnTheCurb has presented at TechCrunch and other iOS group events in Southern California.

For more information about Reve Technologies, please visit the company website

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