Atlanta – “Going ‘green’ can mean a ‘greener’ bottom line for woodworking professionals,” says Catherine Helshoj, Vice President of LagunaTools, who believes that offering increased product sustainability and less wood waste is the key to success for the company’s popular lineup of Resaw King Bandsaw Blades.

“No one can afford to waste wood in the bandsawing process these days… not with the rising cost of woods and dwindling resources — especially exotic woods,” says Helshoj. “We machine grind our blades to extremely precise tolerances of 200th of a millimeter.”

Helshoj says that instead of the usual one-material bandsaw blade, “we use a complex two-piece manufacturing process that incorporates carbide material for remarkably durable teeth that cut through even the hardest wood like butter, and with tremendous accuracy.”

According to Helshoj, Laguna Tools’ Resaw King Blades are made in both Germany and California and feature a unique design that actually polishes the wood as it cuts, which eliminates additional sanding and wood waste. In addition, the blade can be re-sharpened up to five times, greatly lengthening blade life.

“Our ability to re-sharpen these blades multiple times – in essence recycling them for more use – is not only great for the environment, but a shop’s bottom line as well,” she added.

Laguna Tools’ Resaw King Blades not only last longer, they cut straighter. “We’ve virtually eliminated the old problem of waste due to a wandering blade. Our customers tell us all of the time that it’s the hardest, thinnest, least wasteful blade they’ve ever used,” she added.

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Laguna Tools, based in Irvine, California, has been leading the industry in woodworking innovations for more than 28 years and continues to challenge the industry with new advancements and innovations. Laguna Tools builds and markets a wide range of woodworking tools, from small tools to CNC. At Laguna Tools, we aspire to be “globally local” by investing our time, support, products and services into many community outreach programs. For more information on the Laguna Tools quality line of performance products, please call 1-800-234-1976 or go to

Source: Laguna Tools

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