As one of our Redbeacon providers, are you frustrated with having to go home and log in to your Redbeacon account to quote on a job request you received via text earlier in the day? Great news! Now you don’t have to wait until you get home to quote. Redbeacon has unleashed its provider mobile website. Now you can quote whether you’re in the field, on your break, or caught in the middle of nowhere. Anywhere, anytime. It’s simple too. You’ll receive a text notifying you of a new job request and all you need to do is click on the link and you’re automatically logged in and brought to the mobile job page. From there you can view the job details and submit a quote. You can also log in directly at, enter your username and password and get a dashboard view of your new, quoted, and scheduled jobs. You can follow up on those jobs that way as well. Below, please see a video demonstration:

We found that quoting on a job quickly gives providers the best chance to actually schedule a job. 10% of Redbeacon jobs are scheduled within the first 2 hours a job is active and 40% (!) are scheduled within 24 hours of the job going live. As always our goal at Redbeacon is to give both our providers and our customers the best experience possible. By offering mobile quoting, we feel that we give the customer a great experience by allowing providers to quote their job faster.

In addition to the mobile website, we have made a big change in our quoting process. Redbeacon jobs will now end after the customer receives 4 quotes, so make sure you quote quickly. Again, this is beneficial to both parties. Customers tell us 4 quotes is enough for them to make a decision. This is great for providers because now you have a 25% or higher chance of winning.

We hope you enjoy these new features and hope it makes your quoting (and scheduling) easier!


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