Choosing the right light for every mood and every situation is luxury. Light

is often the number one priority in modern interior fitting and furniture manufacture wherever there is a need for additional convenience and functionality. Häfele has the right answer to innovative and economical LED lights: The Loox LED lighting system. The latest system additions have now been introduced at interzum, and make the use of light in furniture even more versatile and flexible.

The well-tried Loox Plug & Play technology makes it easy to integrate LED lighting in series produced as well as made-to-measure furniture. Häfele provides a wide range of modern LED lights for different power systems

(12 Volt, 24 Volt, 350 mA) in different designs with the Loox modular system.

The innovative and powerful drivers are the “heart” of Loox. They can be used all over the world, and can handle different mains voltages and frequencies reliably and without problems. The user-friendly and flexible design of the modular system is reflected in the standardised plug-in connections and unique colour coding. A new generation of switches (sensor switch, door sensor switch, motion detectors and dimmers) and other system components (multi switch box, multi driver box, 6-way distributor, 4-way extension lead etc.) complete the system. Loox is predestined for international use by having a great number of certificates and test symbols.

New lights for all requirements

Häfele presented new LED lights for 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 350 mA systems at interzum. The highlight in the 12 Volt system is the LED 2020, a versatile light that is also suitable for wet rooms (IP 44). It impresses with its evenly-distributed, extensive light and is perfect for atmospheric lighting in any area. With two different installation types (recess or surface mounted) and three light colours (3000, 4000 and 6000 Kelvin) the uses of the light are varied.

There were many new products in the 24 Volt system, which is characterised by having better luminous efficacy due to its greater output. The LED 3010 is one of the highlights. This dimmable light is predestined for functional lighting in kitchens, for example. With its rectangular bezel housing and bezel, this LED can be installed in many different ways and has an extremely homogeneous light output. The identically designed LED 3019 (for surface mounted installation) and LED 3020 (for recess mounted installation) are linear light solutions for illuminating work surfaces. They have an extremely high light intensity and therefore efficient and evenly-distributed illumination. These are available for cabinet widths of 600 and 900 mm.

Innovative strip lights for individual accents

The new, flexible LED strip lights set attractive light accents, particularly the LED 3015. The LED strip light has 120 LED chips per metre – meaning that the LED points visually merge into a continuous light strip, and no individual LED points are visible. The LED 3015 is extremely bright and available in three colours (3000, 4000 and 6000 Kelvin). The LED strip light can be shortened individually and is suitable for many lighting situations in which high light intensity is required.

Different light atmospheres are generated by the innovative flexible LED 3017 strip light: In combination with the multi-white mixer, a colour temperature of between 2700 Kelvin (warm white light) and 5000 Kelvin (cool white light) can be selected and therefore the different light atmosphere can be controlled by one single remote.

350 mA systems are used often in shopfitting, but also make a good impression in other environments. This particularly applies to the new multi-functional LED 4016. This dimmable recess mounted downlight provides extremely even lighting and is ideal for use in kitchens, e.g.. The light provides additional design possibilities due to its two light colours.

Flat drivers and other new system components

With the new Loox generation, Häfele has not only increased the range of lights but has also proven its engineering know-how with regard to technology and variety of different connections. For example, flatter and more powerful drivers are now available for the 12 Volt and 24 Volt systems: The extremely flat drivers (14 mm) can easily be installed to the rear panel of the cabinet.

The new high-power drivers now provide 60 Watts in the 12 Volt range and

75 Watts in the 24 Volt range. Because of the additional power, bigger installations can be achieved with a single driver.

The multi driver box is also new. It allows up to three drivers to be interconnected. It does not matter which Loox LED system environment you are using. The box can interconnect 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 350 mA systems without problems, allowing them to be operated via a single switch. The multi driver box can also be used to combine systems of the same kind for operating with a single switch. This is always useful if the output of one driver is insufficient for the planned lighting solution and several drivers of the same type have to be used.

Save money with the new multi switch box

The innovative multi switch box allows up to three different switches to be connected to one driver from the Loox product range. This way the Loox lighting system can be switched on and off from different points in the room. Typical applications for this product are e.g. in the bedroom when operating two lights on the left and right side of the bed, or operating the internal lights of large wardrobes with switches on the left and right side of the cabinet. The multi switch box is an extremely economical solution in these cases, because the number of drivers can be reduced by one or even two.

The new 12 Volt or 24 Volt 3-way distributor with switching function is also new – it is connected to the light output of the driver and makes it possible to switch as many as three lights individually and separately.

Another system component of Loox is the 4-way extension lead with 12 Volts or 24 Volts. This is also connected to the light output of the driver and allows up to four sequential LED lights to be wired simply and efficiently.

Up to three 350 mV LED lights can be connected to one light output of the

12 Volt power supply using the 350 mA to 12 Volt converter. The 6-way distributor provides a facility for connecting six additional LEDs to one light output of a power supply.

Many applications and solutions can be realised with the Loox system components mentioned above. In combination with the switches, drivers and LED lights, they emphasize the simplicity and cost-efficiency on realizing individual lighting solutions in furniture.

Source: Häfele GmbH & Co KG

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