LEESBURG, VA -- REHAU announces commencement of the North American production of its innovative LaserEdge adhesive-free, non-PVC laser edgeband. The first laser edgeband technology to be produced in North America, LaserEdge provides a seam-free furniture edging solution that is applied via laser, plasma or hot air edgebanders. 

“By commencing the North American production of laser edgebanding, which was formerly only manufactured in Europe, REHAU has opened a significant channel for furniture manufacturers in the U.S., Canada and Central America,” said Dr. Thomas Troeger, North American director for REHAU’s furniture business unit.

This two-layer edgeband is offered in proprietary polypropylene (PP), ABS or PMMA polymer formulations and replaces commonly used PVC edging solutions for all machine technologies currently on the market. LaserEdge is applied with highly efficient laser, plasma or hot air edgebanding equipment that melts a color-matched functional layer on the reverse side of the edgeband and welds it to the carrier board. The resulting seam-free board offers increased aesthetic appeal with no joints to stain or discolor, as well as superior heat and moisture resistance and an overall more efficient manufacturing process when compared to EVA glue.

By eliminating adhesives, LaserEdge significantly streamlines the edging application process, reducing both material and labor costs. The technology eliminates several steps in the manufacturing process, including adhesive color matching selection, processing set-up and additional cleaning and maintenance requirements. Further, it reduces idle machine periods and associated energy costs.

“LaserEdge brings both streamlined manufacturing processes and aesthetics to a new level, while additionally now being accessible to a larger portion of the furniture industry,” said Troeger. “Thanks to edgebanding machine companies like Biesse, SCM and Stiles, there is also now a range of equipment to fit the business needs of those on all points of the spectrum – from the smaller shop owner, for which the affordability of hot air and plasma machines is beneficial, to large-volume furniture manufacturing companies, which can benefit from the efficiency of a laser edgebanding machine in mass production applications.” 

LaserEdge is part of REHAU’s comprehensive line of non-PVC edging, tambour door and profile solutions for furniture design. The use of alternative PP, ABS and PMMA polymers, each offering unique application and processing capabilities, addresses an elevated environmental consciousness across the industry. The safety of the edgeband application is also enhanced through the adhesive-free LaserEdge application process that eliminates the potential for adhesive fume inhalation, as well as burn injuries typically resulting from the high temperatures required for EVA and polyurethane (PUR) adhesive application. 

“The introduction of LaserEdge in Europe generated a tremendous amount of interest among furniture manufacturers who recognize that its adhesive-free process not only provides a higher quality finish but also significantly reduces production steps,” said Troeger. “Now that it is available in the North American market, this innovative technology is being more widely applied, and we are beginning to see a greater number of end products with LaserEdge coming out of the furniture industry here.”

For additional information on REHAU’s LaserEdge for office, kitchen and store fixture applications, contact: REHAU, 1501 Edwards Ferry Rd., N.E., Leesburg, Va., 20176. Phone: 1.800.247.9445. Fax: 1.800.627.3428. E-mail: rehau.mailbox@rehau.com. Web site:Rehau.com/furniture.

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Source: REHAU

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