Quickscrews Adds Torx Screws to LineLIVERMORE, CA -- Quickscrews has added Torx Assembly and Installation Screws to its arsenal of woodworking screws! Torx is a very unique drive system. It allows the user to actually angle the driver up to 6 degrees while still maintaining enough leverage to engage the screw into the material. The 6 points of contact make this drive superior in it will reduce the amount of torque required to drive the fastener. Less torque means less effort and thus reducing the probability of having any issues with carpal tunnel or fatigue.

The Assembly Torx Screws are Flat Heads with Coarse Thread, Nibs and a Type 17 point for easier driving. The size range is # 8 - #10 x ¾" - 4" and has a Zinc Finish.

The Installation Screws are Large Round Washer Heads with an XL Type 17 point to make awkward driving easier to penetrate. The size range of this screw is # 10 x 2½" - 4" and has a Zinc Finish.

Source: Quickscrews

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