Asheville, NC — Putsch & Co., Inc., a leading manufacturer of machines for the sugar, glass and wood processing industries, is announcing the introduction of the Putsch family of SVP vertical panel saws to the North American market.

The industrial-quality SVP vertical panel saws have only been previously available in Europe or through third-party importers.

“We recognized that flat glass, wood and sandwich panel fabricators in North America were going through great lengths to obtain Putsch machines, parts and service.” says Robert Tate of Putsch & Co., “It was a no-brainer to streamline the sale and support of our SVP vertical saws by leveraging our Asheville, NC location. Now customers can order directly from Putsch for timelier response, better accuracy and faster delivery without the hassles of exchange rates, translation or time zone constraints.”

Putsch & Co. started operation at their Asheville location in 1975. The German-owned company manufactures the SVP vertical panel saws at their sister plant, Putsch-Meniconi, based in Poggibonsi, Italy.

The Putsch SVP 1080 meets a unique need for the processing of thick, flat glass types such as bulletproof, fire-rated, hurricane and safety glass. The Putsch SVP 133/145, SVP 320/420, SVP950 and SVP980 vertical panel saws offer the flexibility of processing aluminum composite materials, orient-strand board, melamine, plastics and other sandwich materials in addition to wooden panels.

Tate goes on to say, “Putsch is known around the world for building robust machines that stand the test of time. The North American market demands the best equipment and service, and we’re excited to offer both.”

“Introducing the SVP vertical saws through Asheville gives customers who’ve not yet experienced Putsch quality the chance to understand why we continue to grow even during a recession. And for customers who already have our saws, it just makes sense to do what we can to make doing business with us easier. “



Source: Putsch & Co., Inc.:

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