Germany - The imm cologne has a new stage for exceptional interior design concepts – for products that embody a vision, for design objects that set benchmarks, but also for innovative materials and experimental studies. The new format met with a good response as soon as it was presented, especially amongst leading brand-name companies who find the concept of an open platform with a gallery-like character highly appealing.

Following the launch of the new Pure Village format three years ago, the latest project from the imm team under the direction of Frank Haubold and his Creative Director Dick Spierenburg looks set to be a success as well. With Pure Editions and the restructuring of the Pure segment, the two of them are again demonstrating their sure instinct for innovative formats and impeccable timing. Within just a few weeks, Koelnmesse had received bookings for the newly designed Hall 3.2 from several of the interior design sector’s leading design companies. The exclusiveness of the format and the installation-like character of Pure Editions seem to be thoroughly in tune with the times and are proving particularly attractive to new exhibitors such as Capo D’opera, Extremis, Serralunga, Slide and Vondom.

For Vitra, it was the launch of the new format that clinched its decision to participate in the imm cologne again after three years of abstinence. “Vitra has decided to take part in the imm 2013 and will have a presence in the new Pure Editions section. The concept is all about new, creative forms of presentation and inspiration. The format, consisting of open, inviting booth structures with complementary installations, underscores these aspirations and promises an exciting, varied atmosphere that visitors will find highly attractive. Vitra supports Koelnmesse’s approach and wants to help the format establish itself convincingly,” says Rudolf Pütz, CEO of Vitra. But the imm cologne’s longstanding customers can also identify with the new concept. E15, Interstuhl, Flötotto and Thonet are prominent Pure delegates who want to make the most of the new format’s potential, which lies not only in its systematically planned yet freely interpretable trade fair architecture but also in the fact that it will provide visitors with multifaceted inspiration in the form of platforms for design installations.

Pure Textile, which will be located in the same hall, depicts the wide variety of high-end decorative fabrics that are becoming increasingly important for the interior design context that exclusive furniture is embedded in. From 2013, top brands Christian Fischbacher, Création Baumann, JAB Anstoetz, Kinnasand, Nya Nordiska, Sahco, Chivasso, Wellmann and Zimmer + Rohde will be occupying approximately one quarter of Hall 3.2 with booths grouped around a spacedefining central axis.

“We’re delighted that, with Pure Editions, we are able to establish a new format that is proving convincing for long-standing exhibitors of Pure’s Hall 11 as well,” says Frank Haubold of the development. “Their move to Hall 3.2 means we have been able to free up urgently needed space in Hall 11 for the many interested companies whose requests we haven’t been able to meet in the past. This shift comes at just the right time, because there has again been increased interest in a presence in the Pure segment at the 2013 event, especially from brand-name manufacturers from Italy. Our structural and spatial expansion of Pure thus seems likely to provide a genuine benefit for all the Pure segment’s exhibitors,” anticipates Frank Haubold.

“Pure is a format for design quality,” says Dick Spierenburg in explanation of the imm cologne’s plans. “We don’t just want to expand it in terms of space, we want to enhance it in terms of quality as well. With something like this, you can’t just keep building higher and higher without widening the foundations – by means of diversification, expansion and innovation. And that’s precisely what we’re doing with formats like Pure Village, Pure Editions and Pure Textile, by offering exhibitors settings that meet their specific needs or inspire them to come up with new presentation concepts.”

Pure Editions thus also provides leading brands with a new platform for selfdevelopment. An offer that creative brands are more than happy to take advantage of. “We were immediately enthusiastic about the Pure Editions concept,” says Peter Thonet, CEO of Thonet GmbH. “It seemed to have been tailor-made for us because, for a brand like Thonet, this form of presentation provides better opportunities for creating a differentiated presentation and generating a strong image. We’re hoping that Pure Editions will result in each and every exhibitor’s brand identity being perceived in more concentrated form. We’re very curious about how the result will turn out and, even at this early stage, are very much looking forward to the imm cologne.”

As Vice President, Frank Haubold likewise believes the success of the new formats is due to the changes taking place in the interior design market: “The world is becoming increasingly individualistic. At the end of the day, this segment is thus just a reflection of developments in the market and in society. We are creating more individuality within an artificial framework that concentrates diverse formats, product ranges and target groups within a restricted space. Ultimately, that’s what a trade fair is.”

Besides attractive presentations of ground-breaking design objects and new editions of classics that were visionary in their day, visitors to Pure Editions can also look forward to flamboyant interior design concepts and trend installations that will provide designers and interior decorators with a source of ideas for their day-to-day work. The open architecture and spacious atmosphere will also help ensure this hall has a character all its own.

Source: Koelnmesse

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