LAVERGNE, TN – There are cars … then there is Lamborghini. There are violins … then there is Stradivarius. There are wood lathes … then there is the new Powermatic 4224B, which expands the boundaries of what a lathe can be.

“The Powermatic 4224B is simply the most capable, innovative and rugged lathe we’ve ever built,” said Joan Duvall, Director of Product Development - Wood. “This newest member of our industry-leading line of lathes provides a tremendous range of woodturning possibilities.”

You name a woodturning task, and the versatile Powermatic 4224B can handle it smoothly, precisely and easily. Typical projects range from turning custom balusters, decorative table legs and large platters to handcrafting bowls, vases, pens and more.

At 950 lbs., the Powermatic 4224B is no lightweight. The lathe’s headstock, tailstock and sturdy legs are constructed of heavy-duty cast iron. Legs are equipped with 2”-diameter adjustable feet for leveling. Vibration and travel are non-issues – this beast is made to stay put.

The new lathe provides an impressive 42” working distance between centers and a 24-in swing over the bed. Its precision-ground bedway allows smooth sliding of the tail stock and tool rest. The headstock slides the full length of the bed, which facilitates outboard turning. Dual positive cam-action locking devices on the headstock ensure that it remains stable during use.

The lathe is powered by a 3HP TEFC, 3PH, 220V motor with an inverter allowing incoming power to be single phase which delivers infinitely variable speeds ranging from 40 to 3500 rpm. The control panel has a digital spindle readout that shows the exact rpm for adjustment and fine-tuning. A convenient remote on/off switch with a magnetic base can be moved anywhere on the machine.

Built-in, 98-position indexing makes it easy to cut evenly spaced features in a work piece. Open access eliminates the need to remove the headstock cover to change settings. Forward and reverse rotation allows varied turning methods, and makes it easier to apply finishing touches to projects.

The Powermatic 4224B Lathe features a Venturi built into the headstock, providing a fully integrated vacuum system that makes work piece changes simple. A comparator system provides a mount for pieces being duplicated, so they are within easy reach for measurement and visual comparison.

The lathe includes a spindle lock that is engaged by pressing a button on the front of the headstock when attaching or removing work pieces. The robust 14” cast iron tool rest allows for better tool control. Two built-in 100 watt task lamps illuminate the woodturning area, and four 115V electric outlets are provided to plug-in auxiliary power tools.

Accessories include both a 20” and 63” extension bed. The 20” extension bed kit provides a total capacity of 62”, a swing away function and an elevating assist. The 63” extension bed provides a total capacity of 105”. Cast iron legs with levelers ensure sturdy support.

For more information on the Powermatic 4224B Lathe (1794224K, $7,499.99), Powermatic 4224B 20” Extension Bed Kit (6294900, $1,472.00) and Powermatic 4224B 63” Extension Bed (6294904, $2,753.00), or to find a local dealer, visit

Source: Walter Meier Manufacturing, Inc.

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