Plywood Cut List iPad App
January 10, 2012 | 10:07 am CST

Calculate how many plywood sheets you need to finish your project and get detailed cutlist diagram for each stock sheet needed. Specify the dimensions & grain direction for your stock Plywood Cut List iPad Appsheets material, specify the dimensions and the required grain direction for each part you need to cut for your project, and set the kerf amount, then watch this app generate detailed cutlist diagrams for each stock sheet needed to to finish the job, with grain direction indicated on each output diagram. You can even zoom in the cutlist diagram to see cutting details down to the kerf tolerance on your iOS device screen.

You can export the project cutlist by emailing it as a pdf file attachment, or send it directly to your printer via Air Print, all from the convenience of your iPhone/iPad device.


- High quality detailed cutlist graphs, with ability to zoom in and out directly on the screen.

- Calculation of total number of stock sheets required to cut all parts.

- Specification of grain direction (Horizantal or Vertical) & dimensions for stock sheet material.

- Specification of dimensions and desired grain direction (Horizantal, Vertical, or "Don't Care") for each part. The "Don't Care" option allows the algorithm to place your part in any direction it sees fit to minimize scrap.

- Aesthetically-pleasing random color generation for each part on the diagram and during entry so you can identify each part easily (or you can specify your own colors).

- Detailed Cut Report generation showing: number of stock sheets needed, parts fitted, parts rejected, scrap % and kerf for the whole project.

- Save/Edit/Delete each cut list as a separate project in "My Projects" with project name, stock dimensions, kerf, and all parts info list.

- FAST State-of-the-art algorithm for quick diagram generation calculations.

- Change/Edit any cut parameter, and see how the cutting diagrams automatically change on the fly so you can experiment with different layouts before you make your cut.

- Size annotation inside each part rectangle on the diagram with font size proportional to the part's size.

- Name each part in the list.

- Cache past projects diagram images for quick viewing/browsing later without regeneration.

- Email the project cutlist as a pdf attachment with detailed cutting report, or send it to your printer via Air Print.

- Kerf specification (Width of the saw blade).

- Priority Fit Order for each part size.

- Easy navigation user interface.


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