Pfleiderer's interzum Debut: Digital Printing for DecoBoard
May 20, 2015 | 8:26 pm CDT
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The Pfleiderer Individual collection is now also available on DecoBoard – including special cores.
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Neumarkt/Cologne – There are moments in the life of a building developer or home owner, when even the largest selection is not large enough.

That's when unique solutions are required, which are not found in any standard collection: using the customer's own logo, their motto or a very specific motif – integrated in a high-quality interior fitting made of wood-based panels. Many years ago, the wood-based panel manufacturer Pfleiderer introduced its "Individual" range for high-pressure laminates for requirements such as these. In the meantime this digital printing method has been perfected to such an extent that Pfleiderer is now able to make individual designs possible on melamine-faced particleboards too.

"Individual" is also available within the Group with immediate effect

This makes Pfleiderer the supplier that can provide individual designs for products in the Group's portfolio from a single source – regardless of whether the material is a high-pressure laminate, a flat-bonded element or a DecoBoard. This means: From now on, "Individual" designs are on a par with the decors of the composite collection in every way. They can even be combined with many variants from Pfleiderer's wide range of cores. This means that diverse applications are possible where low-emission qualities, humidity range and fire protection are important as well as classic furniture solutions. Equally – it is now possible to combine an HPL compact, an HPL flat-bonded element or, for example, a DecoBoard Individual MDF – each from a quantity of 1 board upwards.

Customised motif with fire safety effect

It goes without saying that the tried and tested product properties of these materials are retained with the customised motif. Pfleiderer's melamine faced particleboards and high-pressure laminates can also be optimally used as "Individual" products, are easy-care and hygienic. In addition, HPL is advisable wherever materials need to be particularly impact resistant and scratch-proof, for example, in the kitchen, in shop fitting and in health spas. In the form of an HPL Individual Pyroex or DecoBoard Individual Pyroex the unique motif is even flame resistant and therefore suitable for preventive fire safety, for example, in public buildings or laboratories.

As the options with the new Individual range are so diverse, Pfleiderer offers its customers specialist advice in this area. If necessary, the digital printing experts will assist your customers with the search for a motif; they will check the data and prepare it so that an optimum result is guaranteed – regardless of which texture the customer opts for. The choice is similar to the textures offered for decors in the standard range: Pearl, hand-made textures, matt surfaces, all kinds of different wood pores and the high-gloss texture in DecoBoard, a unique Pfleiderer finish.

Think big: "Individual" is also available in large sizes

On request, the "Individual" materials can also be combined with the same texture as the more than 300 collection decors of Pfleiderer. They are produced with optimised offcuts, with maximum board size 2,800x2,070 or 4,100x1,300 mm for HPL and 2,800x2,100 mm for DecoBoard. Where even larger motifs are required they can be produced accordingly on several boards. The creativity achieved with Pfleiderer's "Individual" products now knows no limits when it comes to size either.

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