APA-The Engineered Wood Association has relaunched www.performancewalls.org, a free resource providing builders and architects with the tools to design and build safe, durable, and code-compliant walls. The site compiles APA’s extensive library of wall-construction content, including how-to instructions, technical information, and CAD details for wood-frame construction, into one convenient location.

Recent enhancements to the site include:

• The new APA Simplified Wall Bracing Method, which offers a more flexible, streamlined approach to wall bracing. The APA method expands on the simplified method included in the 2012 International Residential Code to make it applicable to a greater number of house plans. Builders can download APA System Report SR-102 for full instructions on how to apply the APA method, as well as a quick-reference brochure that highlights the method’s benefits and four key steps.

• The Advanced Framing Construction Guide, which outlines tactics to eliminate unnecessary and redundant framing members, providing more space for cavity insulation while reducing material waste. A recorded webinar further detailing advanced framing concepts and techniques is also available to view on demand. (Live webinars and face-to-face consultations and training are also available upon request.)

• Twenty new CAD details, which highlight several advanced framing techniques, including largeopening single headers, ladder junctions, and openings in non-load-bearing walls. All of the details are available to download free in several common file formats.

“PerformanceWalls.org is a one-stop resource for builders, specifiers, and code officials to learn simple solutions for constructing code-compliant walls that are durable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective,” said Kelly Devlin, web specialist for APA. “In addition, site visitors have easy access to the APA Help Desk for free product support, as well as the many other resources available in the APA library.”

Source: APA

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