People's Choice Award in Wood-Mizer's Personal Best Contest
July 18, 2013 | 2:25 pm CDT

Indianapolis - For the first time ever, the public is encouraged to cast their vote on submissions entered into Wood-Mizer’s prestigious Personal Best Contest. This long-standing showcase of talent and creativity, possessed by Wood-Mizer sawmill owners, has been a tremendous success thanks to the new, online voting feature. For the first time ever, the general public is able to offer its opinion and see how people have fulfilled their dreams with the help of a Wood-Mizer sawmill.

People's Choice Award in Wood-Mizer's Personal Best ContestThe 2013 contest, begun on June 1st, was active right from the start thanks to the addition of the early entry prize. The introduction of online voting, and sharing, exposed the contest to a new audience and influence, as the first ever People’s Choice Award will be decided by the general public at

Entrants are competing for a share of more than $20,000 in prize credits, to be determined during the final voting process in each of eight categories: Home/Major Structures, Small Home/Cabin, Large Barns/Garage, Small Barn/Shed, Interior Projects, Exterior Projects, Goodwill, and Unusual. Online voting ends on July 31st. In addition to prize credits, all winners will be featured in an upcoming issue of The Wood-Mizer Way, the company’s bi-annual publication, with a circulation of more than 30,000 readers.

“This year’s Personal Best Contest has brought exciting revitalization to a wood industry showcase of excellence. The online voting capabilities have exposed both the contest, and Wood-Mizer sawmill owners, to an entirely new audience,” Dave Mann, General Sales Manager.

For more information and to view and vote on current entries, please visit

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Source: Wood-Mizer

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