Zweibrücken, Germany - Pallmann Group is strengthening its position in briquette and pelletizing recycling technology with the acquisition of technology from Swiss company BP Recycling Systems GmbH, based in Switzerland. Pallmann Group is making the acquisition via Pallmann Industries Inc., a group company based in Clifton, NJ, USA. The value of the transaction is not being disclosed.

Pallmann is a leading specialist provider of equipment and services for size reduction and preparation techniques in various industries, offering more than 1000 machine designs. Its equipment handles applications for materials ranging from soft through medium-hard, brittle to viscoelastic and fibrous. The acquisition of BP Recycling Systems’ technology will enable Pallmann to extend its offering to include a full line of equipment for making briquettes and pellets from municipal and industrial solid waste, biomass, plastics, textiles, glass, non-ferrous metals, and wood.

Briquetting and pelletizing are technologies downstream from pre-shredding and sorting of waste into homogenous waste streams, and are key for preparing the waste going into recycling and fuel.

The acquisition also enables Pallmann to expand into new sectors, such as recycling of industrial waste and preparation of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) for combustion or gasification. “This type of technology is a perfect match with our existing competencies in shredding all kinds of solid waste,” says Mr. Rolf Gren, General Manager of Pallmann Industries. “It offers a good basis to expand our offering to our existing customers as well as to new ones.”

Mr. Gren says that recycling customers will gain assurance from the acquisition that Pallmann Group is a stronger partner than ever in equipment for fragmentizing waste.

“Handling solid waste is becoming more important as there is a growing need to find alternatives for landfills and reuse all available resources on a global scale,” he says. “The remaining waste can also be used as a source for energy at power plants.”

Rolf Gren further notes that the group’s global sales and service network, combined with its existing installed base, enables further growth for the group’s recycling equipment business.

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